what is the best bering for my dark magic 2?

i found that the unrespomsive bering was a 10 ball bering. and i see concave berings and gold plated berings and i’m not sure whats is best

i would perfer one that doesnt suck cause you know it would suck.

The stock bearings that come with it are good.
Don’t waste your money on the gold bearings (hype).
Concave bearings are nice but you probably won’t see a big change.

Honestly there is a HUGE difference between bearings. Some can be quieter and some sleep longer and some are different sizes. In general most people go with a 10 ball because you will get awesome sleep time on it. But again if it is heavily lubed then it will be responsive and no lube and dry is unresponsive. You asked a very general question. More specifics of how you want to play a yoyo is required to help you with a bearing. So generally speaking if you want unresponsive then I would go 10 ball dry or if you got the money a terrapin x wing ceramic is freaking awesome.

All my (dif-e-yo) KK’s spin at least 3 times longer when flicked then the best stock bearing ive ever had, and I find they also make yoyos much more stable.
Center Tracs are nice to.

I agree. I have kk in all my duncans and there dead unresponsive and they spin A LOT longer.

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I’m not saying they’re no good, in fact I have a very large number of yoyos with them in, but I honestly don’t see a huge difference in play. Yes, there is some difference from a flat bearing but it is not a huge improvement.

Maybe my throw is just so crappy it doesn’t matter… :wink:

I think we’re getting around the point but not quite getting it.

First, let’s address the current YYJ SPEED bearing offerings: They are a bearing that uses 10 balls in them. It’s not a OD 10 Ball, but it is a 10 ball bearing.

After that, it comes down to a matter of preferences.

The first mistake is that many players feel changing the bearing might fix some fundamental problems, as in correcting a bad throw. All a different bearing will do is be a different bearing inside a yoyo that’s being thrown poorly. The reality is that the only way to fix this problem is to practice more and improve one’s throw.

Assuming we’re past that, some people say bearings don’t make a difference, while I disagree and feel they do make a difference. If they didn’t make a difference, then chances are they wouldn’t make them.

Now we come down to the $15 question: What bearing is best for my DM2?

That’s the wrong question. The question is “What bearing is best for me to use in my DM2?” I know, the differences are small, but important. Honestly, there’s no single answer. It comes down to preferences. I know that also sounds like a cop-out answer, but it’s valid advice.

My DM2 is my go-to. I’ve tried LOTS of bearings in it, and my favorite is still a Terrapin X Wing Cut. John claims 2 minutes on a drop, but I don’t get those kind of results. Still, great bearings and I have BOTH my DM2’s set-up with this bearing. That’s what I like in there and it works great for me.

Here’s my advice. I know it will end up costing you more than the yoyo, but hear this out:

Buy a bunch of single C-sized bearings. Get a KK, get a CBC CenterTrac, get a Crucial Grooved, get an OD 10 Ball and get a Terrapin X Chrome X(flat) and Wing Cut bearing. Swap them in and out. When you find what works, that’s what you stick with. Then, when you find what works, BUY another. Why? Because, when you get another yoyo, you’ll want to repeat the process.

I have a friend who likes Crucial Grooved bearings. Is this right? Is this wrong? It doesn’t matter, its what HE likes, and therefore, for him, it’s the right solution, and that’s all that matters.

Some people like flats and nothing but flats. Nothing wrong with that either.

For me, it’s more complicated. For me, some yoyos work better for me with different bearings. For example, I find I get the best results from my Speeder 2 and Meteor with a KK, and these come with YYJ SPEED bearings(and the Speeder 2 also comes with the narrow bearing as well). This shouldn’t be a big surprise, as the Hiroyuki Suzuki signature models like the Phenom and Phenomizm come with a KK stock. However, in contrast, the Chaser seems to work best for me with the YYJ Speed bearing. My Crucial Half & half works best for me with a Crucial Grooved bearing. I like my One Drop yoyos with a OD 10 Ball. My CLYW’s seem to work best for me with OD 10 Ball bearings as well but I’m not done experimenting with those yet. My problem with CLYW’s is that I don’t know which ones I have are stock and which ones are not stock bearings for the most part since I’ve most via BST. One was purchased NEW, 2 other recent ones I can read old emails and see what was placed in there. The rest, I have to check my database and see what I put in there.

Other yoyos use different bearings. I’m usually satisfed with stock bearings. YYF ships several models with CBC CenterTracs.

Again, best I can say is to buy some bearings and find out for yourself what is the ideal match for you and the yoyo in question. There is no “default right” answer, only what’s right for you. What works for me is what I like. Your preferences are your own as well. Don’t flat out ignore what people tell you, just take it all with the proverbial grain of salt.

My recommendations for bearings to have around are:
OD 10 Ball
CBC Centertrac
Dif-E-Yo KK
Terrapin X Wing Cut(shaped) & Chrome X(flat)
Crucial Groove
YYJ Speed Bearing

I don’t see any advantage yet for me to use ceramic bearings. I would say ceramics might be not worth spending money on YET. Play around with those bearings I mentioned. Whatever makes you the happiest, that’s your answer.

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^Speed bearings have 10 balls?

Mine do.

Yes, they do. The older ones only came with 8 though.

I have a crucial grooved in my DM2, but I love to put the responsive one it came with in and play with it too for a few S&G’s

i was able to get 2 minutes of sleep and able to bid return with the yyj speed bering, but and its helped me learn alot of new trick but when i’m trying to do tricks like cold fusion and longer combos i don’t have enogh spin

Practice more, you’re not hitting it clean enough.

Advice for everything!

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The dynamics of a sleeping yoyo are way different (simpler) than when you are pulling off tricks. Sleep time is somewhat meaningless for actual tricks. It doesn’t translate to performing tricks very well.

no I don’t have any extra yoyo string so don’t call me when I’m taking a nap.