So I need a new bearing for my DM2 because my old one is just that, old. I have absolutely no idea about what bearings are good or which ones to steer clear of or what size to get. So which one fits a DM2 and has a good spin time. I don’t really mind noise but if it is quiet that would be nice.

For your Dm2 you will want a size C bearing, that’s what most yoyo companies use now. All of my bearings have been fine for me, but the most problematic ones for people seem to be YYF SPECs and Centertracs. The General-yo AIGR or whatever it’s called is nice, and Onedrop 10-balls are really quiet and smooth. If you want a flat bearing, I’d suggest a 10-ball. If you want a string centering bearing, I can’t really help you there because I don’t really know much about them. If you want something in between, I suggest a Centertrac. I like it a lot.

What’s your price range? You can get some pretty darn good bearings for a larger sum.

I do t recommend YYF Spec, they aren’t quality.

A YYJ Speed Bearing, a Yoyoexpert Size C bearing.

A OD 10 ball.

Make sure whatever you order says C or size C.

I’ve had better luck with YYF SPEC bearings than with YYJ SPEED bearings. That said, they’re both no frills flat bearings that will get the job done and done well. If you were happy with the way your Dark Magic played out of the box, stick with a flat bearing. The aforementioned SPEC and SPEED bearings will get the job done but at about the same price, the One Drop ten ball will get it done quieter and more smoothly. If you’re after one of the shaped bearings, my preferences lie with the YYF Centre Trac.

Whatever you decide to get, just make sure the bearing is a size C.


Any C-sized bearing will fit and work. Having said that, there are flat bearings and shaped bearings to consider if you want to. Any decent quality bearing should have good spin time.

I would recommend YYJ Speed Bearings. My experience between this and the YYF SPEC bearings is fairly large. I have a large number of bad YYF SPEC bearings, and no bad YYJ SPEED bearings. Not everyone has had this experience. I have had some regular YYJ bearings go bad on me though, but not any YYJ Speed bearings.

As far as quiet, forget it. While some bearings will be quieter than others, plastic yoyos are going to make some noise. Quieter bearings will knock that down a bit though. The DM2 isn’t the noisiest though. The Trigger and Protostar are notorious for their noise levels! The DM2 is going to amplify it, so don’t expect anything quieter than what you’re already using. Noise won’t stop me from liking or hating a yoyo, but it may limit when I play it our of respect to the environment or others in the area.

However, there may be nothing wrong with your bearing. Maybe it just needs a good cleaning and it will be “good as new”. I’d suggest a bath in acetone be the first thing you try to do.

I have washed it before and that did help but then I put on to much lube which made it way to responsive. And now I am out of my washing liquid.

If you want quiet, you are going to HAVE to lube it. That’s the only way to tame the sound of a bearing, especially (as Studio42 pointed out) in a plastic or part-plastic yoyo.

My DM2 is rather quiet with a lubed 10-ball or a lubed General-Yo AIGR.

The Gen-Yo bearing comes pre-lubed and is a bit responsive out of the box. But it goes unresponsive quickly and yet stays quiet.

If you are money-conscience, i would recommend a Buddha 10-ball. The are really worth the money. My personal experiences with OD 10-balls were not as pleasing as Buddha bearings.

Speaking of lube, what is a good one to get? Right now I have brain lube and that stuff is to thick for my liking. And what does concave mean as far as a bearing goes?

It has a parabola/u shaped slope to keep yoyo away from the response.

I would recommend YoyoJam thin lube. Works for me.

So would that be like the bearing that the Hour comes with?

I am unsure what bearing that the hour ships with. Look up a concave bearing, some pictures should pop up.

I really like One Drop thin lube. I think I’ve used the same bottle to lube literally a hundred bearings.

I always have terrible problems with Center Tracks. It always seems like 10 minutes after you pop one in you hear the infamous sccchhh sound and your yoyos responsive. And no, I don’t live in a filthy pigsty.
My favorite flat bearing is the OneDrop 10 Ball. For a curved bearing, KK all the way.

I would agree 100%. I still have the original bottle from OVER 2 years ago and it works excellent for me!!

Lol opposite.

You like the CT better? Maybe I just got three bad ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay I am going to buy a bearing eventually but for now I will just clean the old one. So I was wondering if Simple Green would work for said task.

Worse case is it wouldn’t work that great, but I doubt that will be true as others are using it with great results.

I prefer pure acetone, not the nail remover stuff.

I have been using lighter fluid for skateboard bearings for years and it seems to work okay on yoyo bearings also. I wouldn’t use green crap or whatever, ask your grandpa or your dad or someone handy man like and they are almost positive to have some. My Dad isn’t handy, but he uses it for art. :smiley: Just don’t drink or sniff it too much unless you don’t want to be able to live anymore. :wink: