Should i buy the konkave bearing?????

Should i buy the konkave bearing or stay with the one that comes with the dark magic?

Why are you asking if you should buy a new bearing? Is there a problem with the one the one that’s on your yo-yo?

No but the konkave baring is a better bearing andimproves spin time i am asking isit worth the money

if you feel like you reallly need it and have some spare cash then i’d say yes, however my friend bought a konkave bearing for his dark magic and his yoyo doesn’t spin any longer than mine does(i also have a dark magic that until recently was my primary yoyo).

if you really have trouble getting a straight throw the konkave will help some on that but if you can get straight throws pretty well then i’d not bother with buying the konkave bearing and perhaps invest that money in modding your DM with some silicon for less response(if spin time is your main concern)

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Oh ok thanks

no prob

coversause is right ;D

ehhhhhh I dissagree. Konkaves are pretty much useless… I reccoment saving your money and just keep using your bearing

i would put a center trac on it but if you don’t want to waste your money than keep your own
but the center trac makes it better

I could write pages on the subject but simple answer is [b]no[b]
I have so many reasons that I couldn’t list them all.
The fact that you had to ask this question is one of the reasons. It is more expansive than that but just don’t buy it.

listen to him.

i need to put this out there. they are not “useless” but i find them bad for my use.

the simple matter is this: they keep the string away from the response, causing longer spins if the throw causes the string to rub against the response, or a “tilted” throw. but because of there U shape, there is no flat side. so if you put string layers into it, the string cannot be pushed aside aswell as on a flat bearing, therefore causing it to possibly bind prematurely. there is a reason the world record spin time was broken using a flat bearing.

But he wasn’t doing string tricks was he? ::slight_smile:

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I dont have a Konkave bearing