Quick question 'bout the KonKave bearing.

…So yes,as the topic says,i got a question.
The KonKave bearing is for longer spin times, right?
Yes,well ,my question is… Does it make the yoyo any less responsive?

Thanks in advance.


It wont really be any less responsive. And really the only reason it would help with longer spin times if it does at all would be because it keeps the string more centered thus when you get multiple layers of string in the gap during a trick it keeps the string more in the recess of the bearing rather than rubbing on your response system. Although I think you’ll find any bearing having trouble out spinning a 10 ball or AIRG Bearing IMO. Hope that helped.

ok, it is more of a handicap. if you have crooked throws, then it may help because the string will rub less against the response. but because it isn’t flat, it can’t handle as many string layers in the gap, so it will snag easier. overall, it is better to learn to throw straight on your own.

the worlds longest sleaper was on a flat bearing. there are reasons for that

Ummm…not really. Konkaves give you less response since the string won’t be close to the response pads. It suposedly increases spin time by like 10 seconds IMO. It’s not going to help you straighten out your YOYO, just your string. That being said don’t get one, just use what you got and practice your throw.