Duncan Throw Monkey

How would I silicone this or any other mod to make it spin longer?

um put it on a lathe and recess it. or even better clean/dry the bearing by putting it in mineral spirits or lighter fluid and shake it, then dry it off with a paper towel. Take of the frition stickers and put on two silicon stickers and a drop of thing lube. or get a A sized kk or center track

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Good suggestions, but a kk or ct does nothing to change the responsiveness of a yoyo

Yes It does.Thats what those types of bearings are for the keep the string away from the sides and that prevents it from catching EASIER. But aside from that they also keep it spinning longer

ehhhhhh… not really. None of my yoyos truly benefit from a KK. It does help with snagging though

It makes it a little less responsive too.

Yeah, but it’s not the instant fix-it end all be all. It wont make a responsive yoyo unresponsive or make it instantly spin longer…

KK’s don’t provide any extra spin time, or any less response.

The purpose of Kon-Kave and Center-Trac bearings are to keep the string centered so that it can take more layers of string. It doesn’t spin any longer or have less response. A responsive yoyo will still be responsive. The string that get’s piled up in the gap during huge tricks is just more centered in the bearing. So it doesn’t slow the yoyo down. But on normal throws, and most normal tricks, a KK or CT will not do anything to improve spin times or otherwise.

It isn’t the quick fix that you guys want it to be.

Patrick is right on this one, guys.

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When People say to clean the bearing you don’t really have to take off the shield. Just throw the stock bearing with the shield on into lighter fluid, wd40, or mineral spirits and shake for a while. Your yo-yo won’t be as responsive.

If you’re really low on funds then don’t worry, just play and brake in the pads but don’t replace them.

My Throw Monkey is responsive enough to do lacerations, and suicides but enough to come back up on a tug. It’s got about a 1:30 spin time at max.

PS: If you still have the broken in stickers, put them back in until you get the silicone. The yo-yo will be slippy. The Throw Monkey will remain responsive unless modded heavily.

Um kks and ct DO increase spin time . Do this .

step one

  1. buy a kk or ct and a regular bearing

2.spin it with your finger

  1. time them both

4.repeat the process a couple times

The kk or ct obviously spin longer and yes q they do what you said also.



Am I going to have to sit here and pound this through your head?

There is NO DIFFERENCE in the bearings other than the fact that on is indented. The ONLY reason that they spin any longer out of the box is because they are DRY. Clean both of them, put a drop of thin lube in them and see which one spins longest after this.

And I don’t want to hear any of this “I did it for a science experiment” crap.
I play yoyos, and it doesn’t matter which bearing spins for a second longer, it matters what bearing is going to get me through my next freaking combo.
It ain’t rocket science kid.
So let’s not make it rocket science.


I would thank you twice, but alas I can’t.

I hate these kids who think these bearings are going to instantly make the yoyo/themselves better…

Oh well im sorry i was wrong but patrick i dont think that bearings can make the yoyo better (well i mean if you have a shot bearing and a new one obviously but thats worst case sinerio)dont know how to spell that ahah.but patrick the yoyo doesnt make the player.The player makes the yoyo.So like usual your jugding people,please stop.

Now what did we learn?

Maybe that some people should learn to use a book called a Dictionary!

you guys do know all he asked was how to do a recess and yall are arguing about bearings? thats just stupid and childish if your going to do it do it in pm or the chat or something its clutering this threard please stop now!

Hey Wyatt, do me a favor and DON’T track me down on facebook just to tell me that I’m being immature and acting like I’m “all that”, in your words. Act like you know me, I dare ya

edit: whem did I say I beleived that kk bearings make you better?

please clean this up someone, or lock it

Its a he and how true