What yoyo and accessories should I buy

Hi, Im gonna buy new yoyo and I need help. I have only fast 201. Im not totally beginner. I think about x-convict or speeder. What of these two should i get???. I want yoyo that is smooth and easy to learn on. I need long spin times and I want yoyo that will last forever. Then what strings should I get 100% poly or 50/50 slick??? Should I buy konkave bearing and what other accessories should I get???
Thank you for your replies.

Hmm both of them are good yoyos and they both sound good for you I think its up to what typ of response you like best as well as the shape you like best. I want to get a kk bearing but I don’t have one yet so can’t recomend it. As for string its up to you what kind you like best theres a video here that might help you with picking your string.http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/412-maintenance-yo-yo-string.html

well for a yoyo it is what you like. a speeders is really fast. but a x con spins a bit longer. the konkaved bering is good for unresponsive play but not so great for someone who don’t now how to bind. string,probably 5050 would be good for you.

Okay, first of all, no yoyo will ever last you FOREVER. Second, if you like speedy tricks, go with the speeder, if you like aluminum instead of bronze, and you like grinding, and a little more weight, go with the X-Convict.

Do you know how to bind? No matter what, you will need string.

If you can bind, get YYJ Thin Lube, and A KK bearing, or a 10-ball bearing, or a SPEC bearing,

Thank you very much. I think I’ll get x-convict because I like it’s style and I think that dual o-rings will be better for me. Can you tell me what size of KK bearing fits it and can I replace o-rings with flowable silicone without recess??? And is x-convict good for 5a???

50/50 slick 6

You dont NEED a konkave bearing but it does help alot when learning.

Okay, get a Size “C” bearing for the vict. You can replace the O-Rins with silicone, but you ALWAYS need a recess. Also, the vict is great for 5a

Have Fun Throwing,