YYF Grind machine + Konkave size C bearing.,

helow there ::slight_smile:
can you help me to figure out if i put Size C konkave bearing to my
YYF Grind Machine, is my yoyo increase it performance…
I need solid answer from you guys// ???

You don’t need to buy new bearing for your PGM.
Its stock bearing is pretty good.
The best thing you can do is to work on your throw and your tricks
and then just buy a new throw if you want to.

P.S. If you already have a Concave bearing you can put it in PGM but it won’t make a big difference.

kks don’t really do that much for you. I have some and they play just as good as my spec bearings, just they’re worse at suicides.

If you mean the spacers are stuck, and that’s why you can’t change the bearing, you can use a thumbtack or a thin knife. Then place the pin/knife in-between the bearing and push down. The spacer should pop up a little, keep doing this all around the bearing and the spacer should come off.
I had a little trouble getting a thumb tack in, so I recommend using something like a Swiss army knife to doit ( you might want to ask a parent for help)


If the spacers are really tight and a pin won’t remove it, don’t bother; you will only damage the spacer more, just use a knife.

Ok There is two ways to Handle this:

1- You can just take Bearing w/Spacers Stuck to it out and just Click Here to Purchase New Spacers To add to the KK Bearing and just Keep the old one close by just in case you want to switch back or To use the KK for a different YoYo.

2- Go about it the way that I did and Watch This and do Exactly as T Sev does. Hope This Stuff helps Good Luck

To Moderator: Not Sure if I’m aloud to post this Video do to it being from a manufacter, not sure about the…Infringement Laws, ahh dang I don’t know if this is what it’s even called, But sounded Good though lol. I tried to post it as a Link but it kept posting it as the vid, Sorry, if it’s a Problem fell free to fix or delete and I will Apologize ahead of time, lol

why are people posting how to take spacers off? I thought he was just asking if a kk would increase performance

Hmmm, I don’t see where he alluded to spacers being stuck anywhere in his original post. :slight_smile:

A KK bearing does not increase performance. In some people’s experience it decreases performance such as responsiveness, lack of the size of suicides. All the strings bunch up in the middle. You get that “I’m gonna smack at Mach 3 right through your hand” feeling from the yoyo because, well the string is all in the middle, it snags up in your hand.

It’s a waste of money, and does not help you improve your throw. Your throw and skill is increased by practice and learning and practice.

The GM is fine, with a KK, it makes no difference.

Have you ever played a KK or are you just parroting what you’ve seen on the boards?

Oh yes I have. I say from what I experience too.

I personnally love my centre tracks (witch is similar to a konkave), but do not feel a difference in play vs a spec bearing. Mine came with my protostar, but I would not buy one sepretly. The only bearing that I find makes a difference is the speed bearing, I hate them.