Velocity and Lyn Fury reviews from a beginner's perspective

I would like to preface this review by saying that I am pretty new to 1A string tricks and before these two yo-yos I had only used modified Imperials. This review is from a beginner’s point of view to help out other beginners who are trying to decide between a Velocity and a Lyn Fury. This is also my first review so please be kind and I am open for any constructive criticism.

Descriptions: (As seen on YoYoNation)

YoYoFactory releases what could perhaps be the most groundbreaking “beginner” yo-yo of 2007!

The YoYoFactory Velocity yo-yo takes the amazing F.A.S.T. technology from the Speed Dial and 401k, and puts it on an affordable plastic yo-yo. You can adjust the response to your skill level, needs, and play style with a simple twist of the F.A.S.T. dials!

Moreover, a slight “H” profile and dense plastic make for great weight and weight distribution.

The YoYoFactory Velocity also takes advantage of a slimmer shape, lending itself to speedy tricks, and perhaps even 3A style tricks!

As with any high-performance yo-yo these days, the Velocity uses a long-spinning stainless steel bearing for long string tricks.

Looking to get started with yo-yos? Look no further. The YoYoFactory Velocity is your answer to taking you to your next levels of yo-yo mastery!

Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
Shape H Shape
Weight (g): 62.40
Width (mm): 35.68
Diameter (mm): 55.77
Gap Width (mm): 3.30
Bearing Size: (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x10x4
Gap Type: Adjustable
Stock Response System : YoYoFactory F.A.S.T. Speed Dial Starburst Shuttle

Lyn Fury:

The Lyn Fury yoyo was created not too long after Johnnie DelValle’s Hitman. The Lyn Fury is essentially the same shape, with the same internal fittings (double O-Ring response system, large sized ball bearing).
However, the Lyn Fury yoyo is made out of a new, smooth, all celcon plastic mold without the metal weight rings, making for a much more affordable yo-yo.
Grindable. Reliable. This yo-yo definitely is one of the top performers for its price range. One of the best bangs for your buck! Highly recommended.

Manufacturer: YoYoJam
Shape: Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g): 65.50
Width (mm): 41.78
Diameter (mm): 54.40
Gap Width (mm): 4.58
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Adjustable
Stock Response System: YYJ Double O-Ring

Out of the Box:
Both looked great. The Velocity is this awesome shade of neon green with black dials and neon green caps on top of the dials. I have since switched the dial caps to black. The Lyn Fury is this deep shade of black with graffiti style LF caps on both sides of the yo-yo. I was kind of bummed about that, I wanted the Lyn Fury woman cap on one side, but that is just personal preference. I picked up the Velocity used and it came with a cleaned Dorothy bearing. The Dorothy has a great spin time but it is rather loud, to the point that it annoyed my wife. The Lyn Fury came with a stock YoYoJam bearing that caused the yo-yo to be very responsive. I had heard that you need to break in the Lyn in order to get it to go unresponsive, but after three days of throwing nothing but sleepers I broke down and grabbed my trusty can of mineral spirits and some thin lube. Now it performs like a champ.

Both yo-yos play amazing from a beginner’s point of view. My Velocity has a little more of a vibe than my Lyn but that could be attributed to my throw. I am able to hit plastic whips, trapezes, and double or nothings with quite a bit of frequency on both yo-yo’s so you really can’t go wrong with either. The celecon on the Lyn has a better feel to it and the yo-yo seems to be a little smoother on the string for me. The Velocity, with its F.A.S.T. system, allows me to adjust it from tug responsive to dead on a string unresponsive. This comes in handy for me since I use this yo-yo in my classroom to demonstrate forces, motion, and simple machines to my students. When it comes to the response systems, I think I like the double o-rings of the Lyn over the star bursts on the Velocity. The o-rings are not a grippy and they seem to be a little kinder to my strings.

I should start off by saying that I am 6’ 5” tall and I have the hands to go with such a large frame. I do not know if both of these yo-yo’s would be considered undersized but in my hand they are rather tiny. See the picture below for a reference. That being said, both of them feel very nice in my hand. I will have to try a larger yo-yo, like a Dark Magic, before I can truly make a decision on whether these are too small. I will say that both of them fit nicely in my jacket pocket so I can take them anywhere I want. As for the weight, I would honestly say that I like the extra weight of the Lyn Fury. While it only has 3.10 grams more than the Velocity, the Lyn does feel more substantial on the string. The extra width of the Lyn also helps me with stability.

Company Customer Service:
Both companies have excellent customer service. I have been in contact with both because I am toying with the idea of starting a yo-yo club for my students. YoYoJam, and specifically Andre Boulay, answered all of my questions about the yo-yo I am thinking about having the students use and pointed me in the right direction of who I need to talk to about purchasing. YoYoFactory also answered all of my questions and Hans has offered to send me a catalog so that I can check out which yo-yo would best suit my needs. He also let me know that YoYoFactory offers a discount to teachers, which is amazing. One final note about YoYoFactory’s customer service. I contacted them about getting a replacement pair of shuttles for my Velocity since I picked it up used and it did not come with a pair of the plastic shuttles. I offered to pay for them and pay the shipping. Instead of charging me, Hans just asked for my address. Cool, I didn’t think anything of it. When I received the package, this is what they sent me (The yo-yo was separate :slight_smile: ):

They have insured that my classroom yo-yo will never die. Going on just the customer service experiences I have had with both companies, I would not hesitate to recommend buying from either one.

Final Thoughts:
You really cannot go wrong with either yo-yo. Personally, I like the smoother response, shape, and feel of the Lyn Fury. It is my main throw when I am just messing around or trying to cut some stress after a long day. The Velocity is my classroom yo-yo. With its adjustable response I can use it for demonstrations. The bright, vibrant color makes it easy for the students to follow when I am using it. The adjustability also gives me a little more freedom when I am trying to learn tricks, especially ones that need a responsive yo-yo (like stop and go). As far as recommendations go, I would say that if you are brand new to 1A tricks and cannot bind at all you should go with the Velocity. The Velocity will grow with you over time so once you do pick up the intricacies of binding you can dial it back. If you have binding under your belt, go with the Lyn Fury. The Lyn is going to eventually go unresponsive, if you do not have a good bind under your belt you will have to mess with deshielding the bearing and messing with thick lube to keep it responsive.


YoYoFactory Velocity: 9.0 / 10

YoYoJam Lyn Fury: 9.5 / 10



WOW , nice review! Havent read it all but scimmed and scammed and it’s great!

Whoa. That was a very nice review. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Amazing. I look forward to more reviews from you. Great job, and have fun yoyoing.

It will be a little while before I buy another yo-yo, when I do it will get a review. I already have my sights set on a new M1 in red and pewter. Although something tells me you will have a review of that up before I get one. :wink:

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According to yoyojam, Lyn Fury has a fixed gap but saintrobyn claims that it has an adjustable gap.

Nah it has an adjustable gap. Adjustable gap just means you can screw it so that it has a wider gap. like you can just unscrew it ½ of a round to make it smoother and less snaggy.

really? Oh…

Actually, it does have a fixed gap. You can probably untwist it a little, but its not recommended. It comes with a wider stock gap.

One of the best reveiws I have seen in a long time.

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