Lyn Fury vs. Speedmaker

  I've been looking for a good cheap yo-yo to take anywhere and not care if it gets scratched up.

I narrowed down to these two (Kickside a close third) and want some opinions on them. Here’s those questions.
1 Medium or small sized
2 Pointy shaped
3 Double o-ring
4 Mantain
5 Better looking colors
6 Don’t really have a style yet
7 $10-$20
8 Advanced or Expert
Feel free to ask more questions!


Seems Lyn-Fury-ish. It’s far from “pointy” shaped though. The SpeedMaker is pointy shape, but it is closer to full size and does not have double O-ring system.

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Well, I only have the Speed Maker and it is a great yoyo. It’s on the lighter side and it floats and glides on the string. I thought I was playing with angel feathers when I threw mine. Although it is light, you just forget about it after you throw it.

Hmm… So you like the Speedmaker’s pointy shape, but the Lyn’s response. They are also around the same diameter. This leaves only two more factors, width and weight. The Lyn is fairly wide, whereas the Speedmaker is on the slimmer side. They are both pretty lightweight, but the Speedmaker is lighter at 63 grams as opposed to the 65 gram Lyn. These two factors should help in weighing them out.

I hope that helps with your decision in getting what you want. They are both really awesome yo-yo’s so you can’t make a wrong decision. I hope it all works out! :slight_smile:

Personally, I think shape is more important then response (in some cases) so I must say that the Speedmaker seems to be a good yoyo for you.

I have played both of these yoyos, and personally I like the speedmaker alot better than the lyn because of the main reason that the lyn is much more responsive with 2 o rings rather than the hybrid response. the speedmaker is also very stable whereas the lyn isnt lol from your preferences, the speedmaker looks more like your style. both are great, cant go wrong ;D

Just Believe.
it’s is so ok for learning tricks…
I’ve use it, it plays great!

I have both, in addition to my burgeoning metal collection. And both have their ups and downs. The lyn may be a bit more responsive “out of package”, but after some very simple tweaking the lyn is more palatable to the upcoming player. If you shave both o rings, the lyn plays beautifully. If you silicone it it is even better. I havent siliconed my speedmaker, but it does have a shaved oring, and it plays very nice as well. And if you sanded the starburst it would be even better. I guess that it comes down to personal preference, but i think the weight distribution in the lyn is better. The difference in weight is somewhat negligible, and thats why weight distribution becomes so important. I definitely can get my lyn to sleep longer, with less tilting. The speedmaker is faster though, but as your learning simpler advanced tricks id go with the lyn. If you shave the orings or silicone it, it is just plain beastly.