Recommended YoYo

So im new to yoyoing and i would like to ask. What is a good yoyo?
I want sumthing less than 25$$ so im gonna b going in the plastic route.
Any recommendations?

presonaly i would go with the legacy it is AWESOME

The Misquito (easier, and more availible) or the legacy (between responsive and unresponsive) would probably be your choices that I would throw out there.

oh sorry i didnt see you where new welcome to the fourms

and because you are new i would go with the kickside if you can buy here if not Misquito

Get a Velocity. You can adjust it’s response system to make it completly response or dead unresponsive.

hmmm at first i was planning on getting a SpeedMaker cus a friend showed me sum vids of Hiroyuki Suzuki and it kinda inspired me 2 start yoyoing and a Speeder isnt rly my “class” yet i wanted 2 go for SpeedMaker…is it any good ?
Oh and i 4got 2 mention…
I want sumthing with a butterfly shape XD

Yes, the Speedmaker is a outstanding yoyo.

Oh, quick question, can you bind yet? If not, the Speedmaker is a great choice because if you tighten the gap all the way, it’s nice and responsive, but when you’re ready to bind, you can loosen the gap and have a great unresponsive yoyo!

Don’t forget to order some thick lube to help keep your yoyo nice and responsvie while learning.


i never held a yoyo for tricks so i do not know binding yet XD
im a COMPLETE beginner
but like, if the 1st i practice is Binding…would i still need thick lube to make it responsive again?
cus if the 1st think i learn is bind i’d start unresponsive play so i wouldnt need it right?

No, you start responsive and then learn to bind. If you buy a Speedmaker, then alos buy thick lube to go with it.

Since you are a beginner, I would get the Journey.

I say get a legacy

OK, if i where you, in your situation, I’d get a legacy with some YYJ thick lube to keep it responsive while learning, then by the time your ready to play unresponsive you can just clean the bearing and it will be nice and unresponsive. :slight_smile:


Duncan Freehand from Toys’R’us $15. :stuck_out_tongue: Will carry you from beginner to advanced tricks, can carry you to master but for some reason everyone believes you gotta have metal these days. lol

IMHO, it’s the best Plastic out there.