What yoyo is better for string tricks?

I’m so confused… I don’t know what’s better…

I like plastic yoyo’s so here are the yoyo’s I need to have information…

Yoyojam- Legacy

Yoyojam Lyn Fury

Yoyojam- Speed Maker


YoyoFactory- Counter Attack??

What’s better? ???

Are you familiarly with unresponsive play? (were you tug up and it DOES NOT come back) If you are, than the legacy would be the better choice for sure. But if your not familiarly with it, than the speedmaker will be the better choice.

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  2. the speed maker is also unresponsive

i would recommend getting a legacy and a bottle of thick lube if your not familiar with binding

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no it’s not. I have one, and stock, it’s not unresponsive.

A speed maker after some play (less than a day of play) will get unresponsive. If you dont know how to bind, get the speedmaker and some thick lube.

I know how to bind…

(I included yoyojam’s lyn fury… so I have 3 choices…)

Whats better in string tricks? ??? ???

legacy O0

I think the Legacy is the best for string tricks. The rest are too responsive, unless you mod them. :wink:

the Lyn Furry is epic for string tricks once siliconed. i will silicone for free too.

but it all comes down to preferences. Lyn furry is undersized, while the legacy is full sized

In my preferance legacy because the legacy uses silicone response so i like the response,shape,and feel in the hand the most.

leagacy O0

What about YoyoFactory Counter Attack??? ???

Or you could just get the best playing plastic, protostar!!!

Yes, get the Protostar if you are getting a Counter Attack. Get the Protostar. :wink:


awww… too bad!

Protostar is Out of stock here in the Philippines… :’(


Out of those choices, I would pick the legacy. I have had it for 2 months and it has caused me only happiness and joy (and pain, but that’s my fault). This yo has something no YYJ plastic has, silicone. The YYJ silicone provides snappy binds. The silicone is a little grippy at first but, everything needs to be broken in, right? However, every throw is not without a fault. I found the gap on the legacy to be enough, however when dropping strings, occasionally the string would snag. The gap takes about 4 strings until it starts to slow down. When a finish is applied to the celcon such as a satin, you will have a very, VERY hand pleasing throw. When satined the plastic is so smooth, it grinds decently as well.

The yyj speed bearing spins 10+ seconds on a flick. On a nice throw i get 1-2mins (and my throw sucks) However, this is not a very forgiving throw. On s curved throw there is tilt. There is tilt and there’s nothing you can do but accept it and bind/re-throw.

However, if you change the counter-attack
to a protostar (for $4 more) then you can have a great yo. The protostar comes with a center-trac bearing, which works similar to a konkave, however I dislike and non-flat bearings. However, that’s totally up to you. The protostar has a MASSIVE gap. That fixes my problem with the legacy. The protostar also plays like a metal, smooth and slick. However, one thing to consider is that the protostar is a VERY big yoyo. Its a full size yoyo. ITS HUGE (thats what she said).

Here’s Chris Allen’s review on the protostar:

Wait for it to come in stock. I promise it’s worth it. Best plastic you’ll ever throw.

Did you not just read his post? lol