Help on new yoyo?

Well i was wondering if anyone could help me to pick a new yoyo. Right now im debating the Legacy,Journey,and speedmaker.WHich one do you prefer? Also any suggestions if none of those in the $20-$30 or lower that can sleep well a little unresponsive but will still be able to do normal tricks like jamaican flag and rock the cradle? TY

The size and the specs don’t have that much different…
So guess you just have to choose which one you like…
From what I’ve heard Legacy is a great yoyo…
And if I have to choose I will go for Legacy…


In my opinion, you should get a Speedmaker. They are amazing!

Pros: Wide gap(good for landing the yoyo on the string for string tricks)
Has good sleep time
Nice design
It can still do the “old tricks” like rock the cradle, as well as new ones
Can play as unresponsive or responsive

Cons: Nothing much except that its plastic.

Good Luck picking your yoyo!

I would go for a Legacy. Its still fully capable of doing all the old tricks and is great for anything else.

Its the yoyo that brought me into advanced play, and the one I learned to bind on. By far the absolute best 20 dollar yoyo you can find.

i would deffinatelly go legacy because of it’s awesomeness and it’s only like 20 bucks!!! definatelly the best yoyo for the price