new yoyo


What do you think a good yoyo would be for me, I am a begginner and my best trick is BrainTwister. I can’t bind I’ve just been borrowing my brother’s metal zero for now, but I really want to get my own!

(Frank W.) #2

I would say the kickside or a speedmaker are good to start with. Although you should quickly learn to bind so you can “upgrade” to a double o-ring or a different response than a hybrid which personally don’t like. Another thing to think about is preference. Like the size and shape of the yoyo, weight, ect.


The lyn fury is a great learning yo-yo and will grow with you. It is also easy to make unresponsive when you are ready to learn how to bind. All you have to do is twist the yo-yo and open the gap up. They are also available here at yoyoexpert.

(JonasK) #4

There are several you can buy here. Kickside, SpeedMaker and LynFury are good choices. In addition to that we have the (drumroll) Velocity. Some say it’s hands down the best beginner-intermediate yoyo. Really adjustable.

Addment: Read about the Velocity here:


if you can bind and have some money to spare, i would get a speeder

(JonasK) #6

Pretty much self explanatory.