A good beginner yoyo

my brother is starting yoyoing and he wants one that will spin on the end of the sting but he doesn’t know how to bind. Right now he is using my fast 201 but he doesn’t like it because it doesn’t spin very long. what should I get for him???

He need to work on his throw.


the flying squirrel
the dark magic (thick lube)
lyn fury
throw monkey

A Kickside or Journey.

I’ve never thrown one but it doesn’t look like a half bad yoyo, but I’m pretty sure it plays unresponsive so its not a good yoyo for beginners.

no man, it uses Silicon pads, it even comes with a center track bearing, its definitely trying to be unresponsive.

journey but if hes small and wants a small yoyo then a kickside

Velocity is one of the best beginner to advanced yo-yos. I highly suggest that.

velocity is the answer to almost all beginners it seems. you can use it as a beginner and learn to bind and then just set it to responsive.

lyn fury ;D