Begginer yoyos

Hey, my friends are really interested in starting to yoyo and they need a good yoyo to start with. One of my friends knows how to bind from throwing my throws but not very well so I was thinking of a Lyn Fury for him (it worked great for me). My other friend is not as experienced and can barely get it up. Im not sure if i should go for a Lyn Fury for him or get him something else, like the speedmaker, kickside, or journey. I would prefer yoyos that would come back up for them so that they do not have to bind every single time when they throw.

Thanks for your help.

My first yoyo was a dark magic and I learned to bind pretty quickly…it took me maybe three days…

so all I can really suggest is the dark magic but I hear that a lot of people recommend the lyn fury for beginners.

Here’s my thoughts on beginner yoyos:

If you buy inexpensive, the odds are good you’re quickly outgrow it and want to upgrade/replace it. Doing this with a $10 YYF ONE is not a big deal. The ONE is a good beginner if you get it in the 2-bearing package(slim installed, SPEC included) so you can move from responsive to unresponsive. Some people advise adjustable gaps, but I don’t like that, but I also DO NOT have an adjustable gap yoyo in that category. So, I recommend the 2-bearing idea.

The YYJ Dark Magic 2 is a bit on the high side for a beginner, but if they are serious, it’s a great starter. If not, the YYF ONE is a good choice if the person is not sure. There’s plenty of other GOOD choices, but those are the ones I know since I have them.

I also have a ONE and a WHIP and they are both really fun throws the whip makes me practice since I need to bind it but the ONE is a little smaller and I have been throwing it since I got it about a month ago and you def can’t go wrong with either of those. Studio mentioned the dm2 also and I’ve never thrown one but I have never heard bad things about it at all. But with the ONE being only like 13 bucks shipped to the door its def worth it!