Good beginer throw for a friend.

Hello all, I mentioned this in my intro post, but I have looked a little more and wanted any feedback you might have…

I just started with the yoyo about a month ago and just ordered a Black Magic II and a JK for myself… I feel I need something more than the Yomega Maverick I started with… however I have a couple friends that did messing with my yoyo and wanted to buy them both a cheap starter throw to get them started.

I was looking at some of the cheaper yoyos that would work for them and maybe grow a little with their skill…

The three I have narrowed it down to are:
YYF Fast 201
YYF Spinster

I also like the YYF Whip, but don’t think they would enjoy an unresponsive throw yet.

Any thoughts, or recommendations outside my choices?


If he is just getting into yoyoing a yoyojam 15-20 dollar yoyo would be good. there is alot of selection too.

Lyn fury.

Very good performer, very low maintenance, very durable, and most importantly, very cheap.

I second that!

Prelude or One is my vote. Both are great beginners yoyo’s.

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One or dark magic 2, I learned all the way from atomic bomb to (the end of trick list) on my dark magic 1 and two is even better.

The YYF One.



Don’t start with a Whip. It’s fun, but you’re dead on about the unresponsive play aspect. The ONE with the second bearing is the way to go if you’re going that route.

yoyojam prelude is the way to go for sure.

I second that. However, if your friends only want to try using a yoyo, get them the Spinstar. The Spinstar requires very little maintenance compared to the silicone in the One and Prelude, which is what I like for a beginner yoyo.

I do like the size of the Prelude!

third that

Wow, thanks for all the feedback… I’m going to look into some of these… might pick one up for myself too for fun.

I’ll let you know what I get them.

I third that!

So I am down to the Fury, One and Prelude…

Anyone know if you can pop out that graphic insert on the Fury? The cartoon graphics are cheese…

I think I might get one of each… buy two for my friends and keep one for myself for fun.

On a side note, I just got my Dark Magic II for myself, and that thing is DOPE! I’m just getting used to it, but I really like it so far. It feels balanced and I get more consistent clean sleeps with it. I should get the JK I ordered by Monday.

Thanks again for the help everyone!