Beginner Yoyo's

Okay so I let my brothers throw my Velocity around and they seem pretty interested in learning. I want to get them 2 fairly inexpensive beginner yoyo’s. I was thinking something like a Shinwoo or a Kickside. I need something thats really responsive… Can anyone give me a list of some good choices?

Thanks in advance =))

I would get them to bind with your velocity, and once they learn that they should get a legacy.

Yeah they’re 9 years old and just wanna learn some basics for a week or 2. Im thinking a Duncan Mosquito or Throw Monkey? Kickside? Lol

I’d say get two kicksides or two Speed Makers… Then when their bored in a week you can take the speed makers/Kicksides back, silicone the O-ring sides and put them together and you now have a silicone Speedmaker/Kickside, and a starburst one… Or just play them stock and pick up 3A!

I honestly can’t remember if FAST 201s come responsive out of the box. If they do, that would be a great choice because they are still some of the best yoyos around (even for advanced players).

Yeah, get a FAST 201. It is really responsive. ;D

A YYJ Plastic or, A F.A.S.T 201.

I say go for a lyn fury or speekmaker. Duncans are alright but i recommand yyj plastics.

or a yomega saber rader mod it to be even more responsive

fast 201 is really responsive so it will be good.if you want to save money,get them velocity or if you are rich,adjust-o-matic lol

I like your thinking in the op. The shinwoo phantom is a great beginner yoyo. Heck I still have fun with mine. Yes the vibe a little but thats no biggy. I really suggest you get them a phantom.

I know I am old school, but why start off with a bearing yo yo fixed axles teach you discipline like learning to crawl before you can walk. It’s like a sports coach that makes you do things over and over again till you get it right.

Beginning with a fixed axle teaches you control, speed and precision of hand movements because you have such short spin times.

I recommend start with a Duncan ProFly $5 it’s simple yet easy to succeed with. Maybe even a plain all wood. Get the basics down with this, then and only then move onto a bearing yo yo.

A YYJ Journey or Kickside.