Wats the best beginner yoyo?

My friend wants to get into yoyoing but he doesnt have one but he doesnt know how to use an unresponsive yoyos.

YYF Velocity.
Responsive when learning, unresponsive later down the road.
adjust to his liking

duncan freehand zero
its cheap, plays great, responsive and when he gets better he can get it sili recessed for no response

I say go for a YoYoJam plastic. They’re affordable, have decent play, and they need less maintenance than the two mentioned above(you really only need string, no need to change response because they don’t wear out).

I also have to say the velocity. Being able to change the response to your level is awesome.

Yoyofactory F.A.S.T 201
great begginer yoyo, responcive, you can learn a decent amount of intermediate tricks with it, AND you can even start doing a little looping which gives you nice fast hands.