What are some of the best "bang for the buck" yo yos ($25 or less)

 Hello everyone. Being a yo yo newbie, I have a question. What are some of the best values for your money in a yo yo today? I am not asking what is the best yo yo, but rather which models are a serous bargain for the money in quality and playing performance/fun. I know that there are $100+ yo yos out there, but to me that is not bang for the buck, that is why I am limiting this to $25 or less. Let the fun begin.

If you made it less than $50, the YoYoFactory Protostar and Northstar is definitely a bang for my buck. If you want to wait a little longer, the YoYoJam Trigger is also something to look for. The under $50 yoyos are already cheap for people just getting into yoyoing.

But if you really meant $25 or less, though…the YoYoJam line has great plastic yoyos for 15 or so dollars. YoYoFactory has the ONE and WHiP that are also great beginners yoyos for $10

Find what you like and you decide for yourself what yoyos give a bang for your buck. Good luck :smiley:

 My main goal here is to learn and not start a yo yo war. :) I think it is just the way that I am wired....it is how I live my life. I mean I use $2 Suave compared to $10 designer shampoo, shop at Sam's Club and Dollar General, etc. You get the idea. I am the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of person. :)

Magic yoyos

Duncan pro Z is really nice and only costs $10

I’m still a fan of the Yoyofactory Velocity as a value throw. Under $25 and there’s really nothing you cant conceivably do with it.

try the adegle psg or asteroid. they can perform pretty much every trick (except grinding tricks) they will carry you very far. i would even go as far as to say its a worthy competition yoyo . at only $15.99, that defines an inexpensive high performing yoyo. im no professional, so i wouldnt know if it is competition yoyo. again good luck man!

also try a yoyojam legacy 2. it has 2 bearings, so it wont frustrate you when youre learning the basics (you can change from responsive to unresponsive) . i think its like $25.


I heard the new Velocities are fascinating. Also, you can look for OneStars by yoyofactory. They’re about $14 and play like a beast!


I can vouch for the adegle psg being a very quality non responsive throw. I just got one. I adore the shape. It’s a very forgiving and stable yoyo.

Depends what you need and want.

If you want a beginner throw and are serious, the YYJ Legacy II is the way to go at just under $25. The two bearings takes you from zero to advanced, letting you choose when you move from responsive to unresponsive play without spending more money. Works good for 5A as well.

YYF One and Whip: Way too light. Avoid. I mean, if you’re new, these aren’t the best way to go. I don’t regret owning these, they are just too light for regular use, but I like the challenge they provide to me. $10, durable ad way fun though.

The rest are unresponsive, so they need a bind return:
Stackless Grind Machine at $12. Yeah!!

Not out yet: The YYF OneStar. Just, I mean I don’t know what the heck they did here, but man, they did it all right.

Adegle PSG and Asteroid, with my choice being Asteroid. I have both. I just prefer the Asteroid.

YoYoJam: Kickside, Speed Maker and Lyn Fury. With easy mods, these get way better. What mods? Yank the rubber ring and silicone it and clean the bearing. All under $17 I think. Solid peformers. Lyn Fury is my preference. The Kickside and Speed Maker are half Starburst and half o-ring.

Back to YYF, the Starbrite is nice. It’s light but it plays as if it was heavier, yet doesn’t bring that weight with it.

Back to YYJ: Pinnacle if you want an “out of the box” 5A solution. I’m actually quite liking this the more I play this.

I’m only not recommending the FHZ because I feel to really make it perform best, it needs some mods that require more skills.

Back to YYF again: DieNasty and/or Starlight. I think both under $25. I find the DieNasty is also a great 5A shape

Most of the Magic YoYo’s can be had for under $25 shipped. T5 is a favorite of mine, and the N9 as well. The T9 is nifty. This is not a brand to overlook or under-estimate. Stupid low on price, amazing on performance.

If 4A is what you’re looking for, we’re kinda out of the “bang for the buck” category mostly since the application is a bit more limited. The Shinwoo Griffin Wing at $15 and the YYJ Fiesta XX are the front-runners for cost-effective 4A in my opinion. The Duncan Hayabusa just isn’t for me, but I’m gonna order some Mod Spacers and see if that really gets me happy on it. Stock, it’s good, just not working for me personally. You can go with the YYJ Big Yo, if you wish. Big, bouncy and easy to catch, yet still competition grade.

Legacy II. Why? Very affordable, durable, good weight, generous catch zone and very flexible/adaptable. Works good for beginners and advanced players. Good for 1A, 3A and 5A. It can do 4A if you’re crazy enough, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Two yoyos in one: responsive with the thin bearing, unresponsive with the included Spec bearing. Takes YYJ silicone or flowable no problem. Surface is grind-friendly. Plenty of stylish colors. It’s not good for looping tricks but that’s OK, it’s designed for string trick play. It can’t do IRG’s very well because of the cap, but even if you take the cap put, the weight ring isn’t really suitable for IRG’s either. It’s at the upper end if your price bracket but it’s worth it.

YYF jk! I like them a lot for a low price