Yoyo buying guide


Ok, recently I have been seeing a lot of which yoyo under 50 bucks or upgrading from this. I would like to put an end to all of this, because most of thoses threads have the same reply. If you guys would like to add a yoyo to my guide then just PM me and I’ll add it to the correct secction. Here it goes. More yoyos coming soon. I just have to figure out how it should look. I took the top three or four of each price range. All yoyos available on YYE, but maybe out of stock.

Under 10$ Yoyofactory Whip Yoyofactory One Duncan Mosquito
Great beggining Not as good as I learned on this thing.
yoyo. Whip, but it Great throw.
Unresponsive. comes with 2

Under 20$ Yoyojam Lyn fury Yoyofactory Velocity Duncan Freehand Zero
All Plastic Hitman Not the best gap, With a strong throw
yoyo. Nice wide gap, but the ability to this one will handle lots
and less responsive. change response of the basics. Great for
quickly makes this modification.
one a winner.

Under 30$ Yoyojam Legacy II Yoyofactory Grind Machine Yoyofactory jk
All plastic Dark Magic Very fun hubstacked yoyo Undersized and good,
two. The plastic has with decent sleep time. but not best. I recommend
a special coating that buying a B-grade and putting- makes grinds easier. a new bearing in.

Under 40$ Yoyofactory Proto/Northstars Duncan Raptor
Same yoyo, but the Northstar Alluminum throw with a wide gap.
is slightly heavier. Good spin times. A popular semi-responsive option.
Grinds don’t work.

Under 50$ Yoyojam Dark Magic two Yoyofactory Dv888
A long spinnig bi-metal An inexpensive all metal throw
Signurature yoyo of Andre Boulay. Nice gap. Great for dhort, but complex
Heavier. string tricks.

Under 120$

I would add more faster, but it is extremely hard to format it like this. More coming soon!!


I think the DM2 should be listed in the under $50 category. 2 bearings, good for beginners and advanced players and can take you as far as you want to go. Variety of colors and almost always readily available. Large size makes it easy to land tricks.

I think in the under $40, the Northstar and the Protostar should be in that category, but in the same “group” since they are so similar and are differentiated by weight, which does equate to performance.

There’s so many choices in the under $120 Category. Almost any CLYW can be put in there. The One Drop 54 and Code 1 would probably be in there, with a nod to the Code 1.

Do we want to add categories such as “Under $60, Under $80 and Under $100” too? Just to get numbers down?

Then add a “$120+” category.

I don’t 100% agree with your list, but I’m looking at it objectively and I think the concept is great. It is at least a starting point. Maybe expand listings per category to be 5 instead of 3. Plus, I think we’d need 2 other lists, but less extensive: Offstring recommendations and Looping Recommendations. Granted, the offerings aren’t as extensive, but the list can be modified to represent what is available. Adding some “no longer made but recommended” models as well. For example, the Aquarius is still a recommended 4A throw, while the Sunset Trajectory is a recommended looper.

I sound like a broken record because I try to recommend what I know, because it’s what I throw. As the collection grows, what I know will grow too.


Thank you!! I am very much still working on it and I will add those ideas.



You’re welcome.

Use tables. It will make thing easier. I’m not sure if this forum allows for tables, and I don’t feel like checking HTML source right now.


Good idea. How did you know I speak HTML?


I didn’t. But I figured if you understood what I was saying, then the rest would resolve itself. If not, then you’d ask more questions.


oh. I am not a very advanced HTMLer. however over the next summer when I have a little free time I an going to try to learn apple xcode.


Tables are easy. I’d recommend actually learning HTML. Although, my site needs an overhaul so I am just going to get one of those HTML packges just to help manage things(provided they don’t bulk up the mark-up for no reason).

HTML in general is pretty easy. HTML: a manual of Style is a good, low cost primer for this.