Good yoyo under $60


Hi. I am a beginner yoyoer and this is my first ever topic. I am currently looking for a yoyo under $60. I am new to yoyoing so I just want a good yoyo overall. So far I have looked at the Di Base, X Con Pro, the Halo, the V, and the G Funk. Any suggestions are appreciated.


From those I would go with the dibase. I haven’t played one but I’ve heard very great things. Also I would strongly consider the Werd hour, as long as they are still in stock.


If you’re a beginner go with the Yoyofactory One, yoyojam journey, yoyojam lyn fury, or yoyojam kickside

When you get better and want go into unresponsive play get a Yoyofactory Whip, Northstar or Protostar, or a yoyojam trigger for good cheap plastics.

The yoyojam Dark magic II is also a good choice

Avoid the Grind machine if you just want it for hubstacks.

When you want your first metal look into a Yoyofactory DV888, werrd hour, crucial a.y.c.e, etc.

There are so many yoyos out there and so many companies. I listed Yoyofactory and yoyojam mainly because those are the companies i know more about.


My friend has a hour and i didnt really like it. I honestly dont know why maybe it was the feel of it. Also i should’ve mentioned that im looking for an unresponsive yoyo.


So you’re not a beginner? Like I said before, the Northstar, protostar, or trigger would be good choices and they are only 35$ and lower.


I started with the DM2 and it was great, but I grew out of it quickly. Now I have been throwing the dv888 for months.


Man, disliking the hour. Haven’t heard that yet.

If you didn’t like the hour you must like organic shapes. Get yourself a ta1s.




I consider myself a beginner because i only started yoyoing a month back but in terms of skill I can do everything up to advance part 2 except for 3 tricks. Also I should say that Im only getting a metal/bimetal/delrin yoyo so im not interested in a regular plastic yoyo


Don’t make the mistake of assuming a yo-yo is superior simply because it metal. To call throws like the Northstar and Protostar “regular plastic” is to do them a huge disservice. The Northstar, Protostar and even the Trigger out perform many aluminum yo-yos on the market.

I am going to throw my two cents in for some Duncan yo-yos. The Echo, Metropolis and even Duncan’s Raptor are very fine yo-yos that come in well under your $60 benchmark price tag. (Contrary to rumors spread about, the Raptor is a completely unresponsive throw.) If you were to spend just a few dollars more YYF’s Genesis and C3 Design Capless are also great at just over $60.


This man knows what he’s talking about. By the way the 2010 world yoyo contest was won with a Northstar. Just because you wear Jordans doesn’t mean you’ll be able to dunk. Remember it’s the player not the yoyo.


Well the Protostar/ Northstar are very good. My friend also has the protostar and it’s great but i want to be more unique because It feels like that everybody has a protostar/northstar ( ill probably get the northstar someday but not now). After careful consideration, i have decided that i should get a full metal yoyo and narrowed my list down to the c3yoyo di base, c3yoyo capless, and hspin icon. Can anybody tell me how they perform?


Of those three the Capless is the only one I own. It is a great throw! The truth is my skills don’t even begin to put this yo-yo through it’s capable paces. And by gum rosie, it looks gorgeous just sitting on my desk…it’s so pretty.

I have heard nothing but kudos about the di base as well. I am confident you would be happy with either one of those. (Although I should be careful because you didn’t care for the Werrd HOUR, so perhaps your yo-yo palette is different than mine.)

…but I love my Capless