Good yoyo that aren't expensive.

Hi everyone, my birthday’s coming up and I’m gonna order a yoyo (maybe 2 cheap) and I don’t think there will be chance of getting a new yoyo this year after this. So, anyone have recommendations for any good yoyo under the price of 2012 rockstar or genesis? Please I NEED REPLIES!!!

Here ya go :slight_smile:




werrd hour
c3 capless
delrin severe

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-YYF protostar/northstar/shaqlerstar
-C3 Di Base


C3 capless $65 - I would have to say out all of the yoyos I have thrown around that price range, the Capless by far did not feel like a $65 throw. I mean there others also I am sure but for me the capless just felt amazing for the price.

Rec Rev - Freq. Wave
An EXCELLENT substitution for the CLYW Chief. In fact, I think it plays better than the Chief.


The Yoyofactory Dv888 is one of the cheapest all metals you can get at $44.99 (

Go with YoYoJam. You can grab a Legacy for just over $20 and they play every bit as well (if not better) than $100 metals. Any of the metal-rimmed YYJ hybrids are phenomenal players at a great price, especially the new solid-spin axle ones.

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Get the YYF Severe… it’s the best plastic ever made.

rec rev mangaroo
modded classic

Really? This is the best yoyo store around.

I would say a protostar, is an amazing throw for the price. So stable, amazing spin time, awesome shape.

Agreed. The YYF severe is also a great throw. the DV888 is good if your looking for a metal.

Yea, I was thinking of 2 protostars but I’m more interested in Northstar. Which is better?

It more of a preference thing, they’re both equally good in my opinion. The Northstar plays heavier, and the Protostar is lighter and faster. Two great yoyos.

I am a slow player, yet the proto feels just right. I never really cared for the North Star, when my proto is right next to it. The proto can outperform metals at a very cheap rate. If grinding is not an issue to not have. Get it!

Good luck!

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If you wanted something (or two) that was a good player and dirt cheap you might wanna check out MYY (if you haven’t already, you probably have). They make different shapes, sizes and speeds for all types of players. You’d be sure to find one you’d like that’d fit your style.

Unfortunately, even I you bought two, I doubt they’d be worth your while of you aren’t going to buy another one for the whole rest of the year…


Actually, I’m going to America so I’m gonna order from Amazon which is much cheaper, so If it isn’t over 100 dollars I can buy it. Also my bro’s gettting a yoyo too, so I can go out in competition. Me and my bro’s thinking of buying 2 superstars. I believe superstar’s an awesome yoyo, and well worth it’s price, right?