A new yoyo

I keep hearing good about a yoyo and then I hear bad about it what’s a good yoyo under 50 dollars

The protostar and north/shaqulerstar are absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend either of those.

What yoyos were you considering?

When it comes to under $50, most of the yoyos are going to be plastic and/or plastic with metal. Even so, there are some fantastic metals $50 and under.

Terms such as “good” ultimately come down to whatever you end up liking.

Here’s an example: The dv888. Maybe I’m more objective than others, maybe I am not.
A friend of mine HATES this yoyo with a passion. He disliked it so much he sold it for $5 after having it for a very short time.
I on the other hand am not really super pleased with this yoyo. It has nothing to do with quality. Based on my preferences and my experience with t, it just isn’t an ideal match for me. Mind you, I’m very pleased I bought this and it’s never leaving my collection. It’s an ideal reference yoyo. Priced at $45 to me it plays like a yoyo that costs $45.
Clearly, this isn’t a bad yoyo. It has many, many fans who love it. It’s a good selling yoyo.

Now, without going into any details, YYE offers a wide selection of yoyos under $50 that are pretty darn good. The Protostar is a top selling and top performing plastic. The YYJ Trigger is another really good yoyo. What else can I mention that I have? DM2? DieNasty? Northstar? Chaser? Legacy II? Let’s just drop down to the $10 Classic, which with a couple of upgrades(bearing and response), well, it’s just really great. I am biased, I really like the Classic.

There are many metals. God Tricks is a good brand to check out. Shinwoo’s Zen series are mostly within that price bracket you’re asking about, but I haven’t played any.

I myself don’t judge people’s choices. What someone likes, someone likes. If that works for me too, then great. If I don’t like, then I chalk it up to “I don’t like that yoyo”.

Getting to better answering questions would be to find out what shapes, sizes and weights(and weight distribution) appeals to you through your likes and dislikes of other yoyos that you have played. This can only help us make recommendations. The only thing that matters is that end result of how you end up liking that yoyo you’re playing.

Shinwoo Zen’s Are awesome I own a Cliff a Majesty and a Genesis and my Zen 4 is still probably one my most played throws

You could try the delrin severe or get a god tricks yoyo or even better try yoyo officer.

Just to hit on something Studio42. I own the Trigger which is plastic with metal rings and I love it. It was my daily throw until a friend of mine gave me a Hour.

Why are you telling him that? Just curious.

Your best option by far is a Protostar. Then later you can choose another.

And when choosing a yoyo, everyone has opinions. Like probably 100’s of people hate the protostar. Yet tons and tons love it.

I personally like the protostars shape better than the North Star.

it was a yoyo that was referenced in the above post that i have, just stating my opinion that i liked it and i played it regularly.

Ok! Until you got your Hour :D.

Any yoyo empire throw.

It appears you have a Shaqler Star for your avatar image. The Northstar and protostar are the same shape(except the caps) just different weights.

I think the Protostar is probably one of the best plastic yoyos made. I have one, and the Northstar. While I like the Northstar better, the speed of the Protostar is better suited for today’s competition market that requires speed. I honestly cannot say anything negative about the Protostar. OK, sure, it’s not a good grinder, but honestly who cares?

I’d say the only way you can go wrong with the Protostar is if you buy it and then end up not liking it. I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t like the Protostar. Durable, good weight, great speed, good catch zone, well designed. Even nice colors. What’s not to like about it? But, preferences vary.

It seems the votes go to protostar but I already have a onestar

That’s life in the yoyo world. Some people will love a yoyo, others will hate it. Pick the one in your price range that looks the coolest to you and that’s the color you want. Can’t go wrong.