New throw help - up to 45$

Hey guys. My brother forgot to buy me a Christmas gift so he decided that he will order me a yoyo now… So yea. Any suggestions are helpful. I’m willing to buy a 10$ yoyo and add stuff to make it play great as well so really anything up to 45$. Thanks,


cant go wrong with the YYF protostar or northstar, both really awesome throws and only $35. The northstar was also used to win the 2010 worlds

Ever used a severe?

Depends what you want. Metal, delrin, plastic, brand. But, you have to act fast. I mean, we’re kinda under the gun here.

dv888 is kinda bland, kinda small, kinda heavy. Mind you, it’s not a bad yoyo by any stretch, I just find it to be nothing special. It’s a great standard to have in one’s collection. It is full metal.

For roughy the same dollars, most of the Shinwoo Zens can be purchased. Again, full metal.

Nothing wrong with plastics. Many plastic/metals are in the price range, including the DM2 and others. Stepping down in price is the Protostar and Northstar, which prove themselves time and time again as awesome plastics. The new YYJ Trigger is impressive and at under $30, it’s amazing on many levels. YYJ Chaser is heavy, plays fast and light. After that, there’s still great stuff below $30 that I haven’t even mentioned.

If you wanted, you could get a YYJ Classic and a full C bearing(YYJ Speed), and then maybe a PSG or Asteroid and still be under $35.

I just opened a Classic yesterday. Even with the slim bearing, it’s a lot of fun and a very high quality plastic yoyo. It feels like you could use it for batting practice and still use it as a yoyo later. No wonder everyone is so hyped on them.

To make it a little easier, i have never tried a delrin and am interested in that. I already own a considering the new SEVERE. Have you tried one or heard any good things? And does YYE have a boxing day sale?

I have no interest in the Severe, so I am not going to say anything negative about it, because I don’t know anything about it. But, the odds are it’s a great yoyo, so with that in mind, that may be an ideal purchase.

YYE have a boxing day? I don’t think so. Since we’re in the United States and not the UK or one of it’s territories, we don’t celebrate boxing day. That’s not to say a sale or a new years sale might not occur, but if one does, I am guessing and speculating. I have no knowledge of anything.