Need a yoyo for $20

Im new to yo-yoing and i wanted to see what some recommendations would be on a string trick yoyo for under 20 dollars

You can’t go wrong with a lyn fury.

i agree, get a lyn fury.

well that kind of sucks i used to have a lyn fury but i lost it

Is it twenty with shipping or without? If it is without shipping and you dont want another lyn fury I would get a.speed dial or velocity.

I had the velocity didn’t like it

Too many to choose from.

PSG, Asteroid, stackless grind machine, Starbrite, Kickside, Speed Maker, Lyn Fury. Pinnacle if you want 5A out of the box. Shipping extra, and may push some of those prices over $20 ttaol

You’d have to shop elsewhere, but there’s some awesome metal offerings from Magic YoYo. The entire T-series can be obtained for under $20(each, not as a set) shipped and some of the N-series. Seriously, they play amazing, or at least I’ve been extremely lucky. Do be careful with some of stacked models, as they offer many of them with the smaller stacks(like on the PGM) and full stacks like YYF Z-stacks.

Other big box store options that YYE also offers include, in case you just gotta get it today:
The ProZ with some minor mods(bearing, pads, cleaning)
FHZ, with maybe mods or at least a clean bearing and a Duncan bearing/spacer kit, but that will push over $27.
FH2 or Freakhand(same thing), with bearing cleaning and removing a sticker.
Current Metal Drifter, with an extremely cleaned bearing and very lightly lubed.

Have fun!

is the asteroid and psg the same thing

No, the asteroid and the psg are pretty different. The most obvious difference is that the psg has a much more rounded profile, where has the asteroid is a little more angular. Both has just about the same width and gap width, but the asteroid is a few grams heavier and has a slightly larger diameter.

Personally, I enjoy the asteroid more. But it’s your choice.

Did you like it before you lost it? If so then I’d also recommend it.

I was to much of a noob when i had the lyn fury so I’m not sure if i liked it but I’m hoping that i will eventually be able to find it

YYJ classic when it’s out.

You could get a kickside.

I’m ordering 2 of those. One to keep stock, one to mess with. We’ll see how that goes.

The Duncan Butterfly XT isn’t so great once you make it go unresponsive. It’s just too darn light.

I would buy a YYF one $10, and 25 pack of strings $5, and YYJ thin lube $5. Get 100 strings if you don’t mind going over a little.

It’s my favorite YYJ.

I actually just bought a ONE and I’m having problems with it , both bearings are unresponsive and a cap came out and i can’t get it back in so I’m very disappointed in it

The cap can be pressed back in easily.

Are you sure you have a thin bearing and a thick bearing? I do find the thin bearing can get unresponsive but a drop or 2 of YYJ thick lube tends to resolve that issue fast.

do you have the newer or older version of the one?