What kind of yoyo should i get?

I don’t no what kind of yo-yo to get currently having a Peter Fisher luminator and going into advanced tricks it just doesn’t sleep long enough?

get a yoyofactory velocity

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Wait a sec, you used a luminator to do split the atom, and double or nothing? Wow, that really made me think differently about it. Anyway, you should get a velocity or if you know how to bind, ,aybe a legacy or a glownasty/starlite depending on what shape you like. But dont get them if you cant bind, i remember when i got my legacy and I didnt know how to bind, i was ultra frustrated with it. Anyway, get velocity if you dont know how to bind, but I’ve heard the dark magic 2 is good for your level too.

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Give us your budget.

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check the help/recommendations subforum. there are like 3 or 4 of this same thread going on right now.
good starting yoyos:
DM2 (comes with 2 bearings, 1 for responsive, 1 for unresponsive)
One (comes with 2 bearings too)
Velocity (adjustable from responsive to unresponsive)
Lyn Fury (A simple “mod” can make this unresponsive)
and I’m sure there are more.

Good cheap yoyos if you can bind:
and many others

Coming out soon there’s also:
Pinnacle (put in a clean bearing, and it can be unresponsive)
Fever (same deal as the dm2. comes with responsive and unresponsive bearing, and bimetal)
Again, I’m sure there’s more.

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yea i already know how to bind

what’s your budget?
the two best metals for the price would be a dv888 or a raptor.
the main question is: What’s your budget?
$40? $200? it makes quite a difference.

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haha like around 20-30 mabe 35

For that much you can’t go wrong with a lyn fury and a 100 pack of strings.

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i dont really no if i want the lyn fury or the velocity i want a fully unresponsive yoyo too so the velocity wouldnt work

Starlites are great.
Lyn fury you have to either cut the o-ring response down so it’s flush and clean the bearing, or put in flowable silicone and clean the bearing to make it unresponsive.
if you can spring for $40 + shipping, the raptor is amazing.

A FHZ is a great player too, and becomes unresponsive with a clean bearing and by taking out one pad.
or you can mod it and add a sili recess.

for $10 you can get a whip. which is quite fun and unresponsive out of the box.

Just browse through the shop for yoyos in your price range, and look for some reviews on them to see what looks good to you.
Also you can (and should) check out the b/s/t. you can find amazing deals there.
I got a lunatic ($70 yoyo) for $35 shipped.

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whats the b/s/t?

it’s the buy/sell/trade forum. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/board,9.0.html

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METAL DRIFTER!!! Best budget yoyo I have ever played

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You can try a Raptor if you’re going for metal. ask if need info

Or a Protostar or Northstar. They’re both great for play, does every trick well. Plays great, though its cheap and has a plastic body, don’t under-estimate it. Only thing though is that you can’t grind on it. The only way to grind is the IRG. But the ridge there is like 1mm wide. Barely fit your thumb in there.

All yoyos can become fully unresponsive. Just clean the bearing, and the velocity is adjustable so that you can go from fully responsive to fully unresponsive. So any yoyo will work, spin time just depends on your throw, so practice practice practice!!! then get a lot of string!!!

well not all yoyos. the lyn fury is going to be responsive even if you clean the bearing. you have to trim down the oring, or replace it with flowable silicone. and I still haven’t gotten my journey unresponsive, even with shims and a clean bearing.