returning to the yoyo fun

I used to be really into yoyoing but got out of it recently I have wanted to get back into yoyoing but don’t know which one to get I would like to spend no more then 30 dollars

ed to be really into yoyoing but got out of it recently I have wanted to get back into yoyoing but don’t know which one to get I would like to spend no more then 30 dollars which yoyo is the best for relearning and learning tricks I would like it to be responsive but do like the option of choosing responsive or non responsiveness should I get the whip the new velocity or the speed dial all by the yoyo factory

I started with the velocity and its a good beginner yoyo in my opinion

I agree with Eric Kerber. I have moved up the chain and recently obtained a summit, but my velocity can handle most of the tricks I throw at it. like my pun It was my first yoyo and I love it. I recommend this one to you.

If you want to get “re-started”, it depends what you want to learn and where you want to start learning.

My general recommendation is the YYJ Classic with the upgrade kit(wider bearing and pads). Should run you just under $20 for that. This lets you start with tug-return basics and then yo can migrate into unresponsive play.

The YYJ Legacy III is another contender, as is the Chaser, which already have the better response pads installed. They both ship with the slim bearing installed and the wider bearing for unresponsive play in the package.

Now, the YYF ONE(in retail packaging at TRU) does NOT contain a second bearing. You gotta get the square boxes for the second bearing. My only recommendation against this yoyo is that it’s too light and a touch small.

The Velocity is good. Turning the dials lets you adjust the yoyo from “too darn responsive” to “completely dead unresponsive”, and yes, I’m serious about that.

If UNRESPONSIVE play is your objective and/or you already know how to bind(or if you don’t someone can show you), then a few more options pop up, under $30

YYF Whip, but that’s too light. The Stackless Grind machine would be better and is the same general shape but heavier.

Adegle YoYos PSG, PSG Gem(heavier), and Asteroid(oversized). The PSG’s(either model) are very flexible, being good for 1A, 3A and 5A play. Don’t let the low price fool you, these are awesome.

C3 YoYos Speedaholic. Awesome budget yoyo without budget performance. 1A,3A,5A and bright cheery colors.

YYJ Surge: Another great option.

If you like undersized and don’t mind siliconing or using pads and cleaning the bearing, the YYJ Lyn Fury is still a great yoyo.

The YYF OneStar is a bit too light for my personal preferences for recommending to someone re-starting, but it’s still viable so don’t necessarily rule it out.

The C3 Alpha Crash is another good one too. 1A oriented, but that’s OK.

After that, we’re back to the Legacy II or III and Chaser again.

The YYF DieNasty isn’t necessarily the best of shapes for getting back into this, but it’s still a fantastic yoyo. However, it shares many shape similarities with the WHIP and Stackless Grind machine, plus the current batches glow in the dark. It’s also a 5A beast and has a better feeling of “solidness” over the Whip and stackless grind machine.

Not available here is the Magic YoYo D5 Dark Sprite, glowing or not glowing, they are tons of fun.

However, if you can afford $5 more(budget to $35), I think many people will want to recommend the Protostar and Northstar. The Northstar is heavier and slower than the speedier Protostar. If you’re not sure which to get, go Protostar.

After this, you start getting into mostly YYJ metal/plastics(which I greatly enjoy) and awesome budget metals like the Shutter, or the plastic One Drop Rally, which are in the $45 range. If you are going to this level, may I recommend the Rally, ONLY because it’s plastic and can take damage without showing it.