Need a yoyo for $20

and you’ve been able to put the newer versions cap in?


how I’ve tried everything and I’ve put so much pressure on it that theres all these marks and scratches on it

Magic yoyo has metal yoyos for 18-28 dollars. Some have hubstacks and even z-stacks.

im not ready for a metal, i would just dent it up

even though i would probably dent it up i took a look at them, and they looked awesome which one would you suggest under 30 dollars

I don’t know they all look sorta the same but look at the hub and z stacks if you want some of those.

well i was reading some other posts and it seems that the n9 is a favorite

T5 and N9. I like the T5 better because it lacks stacks, but the N9 is pretty sweet even with the stacks.

well the t5 is cheaper and if you say its just as good i will probably buy it

but on ebay it says the t5 is a kids yoyo

They all say “Kids yoyo”.

Ignore that. They rock. I’m 40 and I like these. Inexpensive, they feel durable, play well, throw well and the bearing and response are pretty good. The included string kinda sucks.

Keep in mind, the yoyo is a toy. A skill toy, but a toy.

I suggest Asteriod,PSG or Lynn fury.

it seems like you have some stuff to use, i wouldn’t buy a new yoyo, i would just get better with what you have. the one with the bigger bearing can take you all the master easily. i can do every trick on this site, and i can do them just as easily with one as i can with my YYR.