Getting back into it

Hey guys, I want to get back into yoyoing and thought that getting a new throw to “spark” My enthusiasm. I only have $30. I don’t care about the material or that stuff, And i would prefer it to be unresponsive. What would you suggest?

grind machine would be a good choice or if you save just a little bit more a protostar would get you a long way

the adegle psg and asteroid are good choices. they are $15 each, so you could get both (still have to pay for shipping, they are unresponsive yoyos) you could also pick one of the two and pair it with a $12 stackless grind machine (also unresponsive)

also like what DrAwesome said, you could save up another $5 to get a proto/northstar. (FYI the northstar was the yoyo used to win the 2010 world yoyo contest, and its unresponsive. its a competition grade yoyo for $35!)

Anyone else?

Protostar. Best for the money:

For under $30, I’m really pleased in a very unexpected way with the YYJ Chaser. It’s heavy, yet it plays fast and light. It’s not insane fast, but it’s a fast playing yoyo. As with other YYJ’s, it comes with a slim and spec bearing, so you can choose how you play. The Legacy II is really good as well.

People recommend the PSG and/or Asteroid. So do I. In the same general price(sub-$20), the Lyn Fury and Starbrite are in there too. A little work on the Lyn Fury makes it a great player: clean the bearing and then rip out the rings and put int flowable. The Stackless Grind Machine is super cheap and super fun.

I do agree with adding another $5 and go for a Protostar or Northstar.

You may also want to investigate Magic YoYo. Lots of affordable metal yoyos hat are low on cost and big on performance. YYE doesn’t carry this brand at the moment.

Seriously, save just a teensy little more and get yourself a Protostar. That is the best plastic yoyo I have ever tried. I have played some good yoyos, and this is up there with the best.

Chaser, Legacy II or Starlite.

Go on the BST (Buy, Sell, and Trade) and get a Protostar/Northstar for $20-$25. Once I found out about the BST I never bought a new yoyo again.

You know what, I’m gonna use the OP’s own suggestion for my final answer:



But on a more serious note:

For under $20 shipped, I got the Magic T5, which I really enjoy a lot. Metal. If you’re into undersized, the T6 is a good one too.
The N9 has a nice shape and the wide stacks, at least the one I bought did.
The N10 and N11 are rather new and so it’s not easy to get these under $30 yet.

As I’ve stated before, these are not “cheap junk”, they are typically good players, I’d say easily holding their own with stuff that costs more than twice what I’ve paid, and easily twice US retail(which would be higher). I’ve even had great results with the bearings, which are a Chinese concave bearing.

The Magic YoYo line has a bunch of shapes and are original designs.

BST can give you savings, sometimes on unused yoyos. For example, I got a never-thrown Rockstar via BST as part of a bundle and I made it available. It ended up going as part of a trade deal.

I’ve seen that you can get two PSG’s in one package and was wondering if they came like that or if that was a special option.

I think there used to be a bundle to get all 4 colors at once discounted price. Not a big discount, but discounted a bit. I’m not sure if it was "one tube’ or “4 tubes cellophaned together into a longer tube” deal.

There was no “pair” savings bundle.

Actually on another site there was a pair one!

The 4 pack was sold here

The 4 Pack was also sold on another site too.

Cool. A 2 pack. Ideal for 3A I guess. I think a better bundle would be a PSG/Asteroid bundle. Two different models, more complementary yet contrasting.

if you save seven dollars you could get the god tricks freedom

Well I bought some grips for my bike and now I only have $25. I can still save(I get paid at the end of the month). But i will just have to wait. :frowning:

Don’t be in a hurry. A little extra can go a long way. The Protostar and Northstar are really great options at the $35 price point.