Quality 1A Plastic Under $30?

Hi, I am looking to buy a new yoyo and kinda want a good playing plastic. But I am also looking at the POPstar for its size and the Speed Dial for its dials. I have been looking at the Chaser for plastics. Any recommendations on any of those would be appreciated.




Shinwoo Techno 2

Stackless Grind Machine.

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I am a fan of the Lyn Fury if you are willing to pop the o-rings out and put some silicone in.

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Lyn Fury

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The Adegle PlasticSandGlass (PSG) is one of the best plastics out there in the market. It plays amazingly well. It’s under $20 and outplays most plastics. All you have to do is resilicone it and your set. The stock pads provide slippy binds but silicone provides perfect binds

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Where to begin. Depends on budget. Here’s stuff I like in no particular order other than “that’s when it popped into my head”.

Protostar and Northstar. Pick one. Protostar for faster play, Northstar for slower play. Both rock.

Chaser. WOW! Like a Northstar with a price drop but the speed of the Protostar.

Want to get into stacks? PGM.

Glowing? Glowing Die-Nasty. Good 5A player too.

Legacy II is nice too.

PSG and Asteroid, depends which flavor you like more. Both are amazing and really bring a lot of butt-kicking goodness to the “cheap plastic” arena. Good stuff for sure!

Into 5A? Pinnacle.

Lyn Fury, but needs a little extra work to make it unresponsive. Rip out the rings and use silicone. May also need shims. Really nice yoyo though.

I kind of recommend against the ONE and the WHIP, they are a bit too light.

I’m planning on getting the stackless grind machine too.

Speed dial is OK at best. I have one. It’s really metal. The B-grades are nice.

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Lyn fury,asteroid,one, and velocity.

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Yeah… I have the stackless PGM, but didn’t like the feel of it. I have th DM2, so does the Legacy play similarly? And I was leaning toward the Chaser originally, but the Asteroid and Legacy look cool. Also, what do you think of the POPstar?

$30 is quite a lot for plastics :o You have a lots of options in this price range.


To name a few.

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Thanks for the input guys and does anyone have an opinion on the POPstar?

my opinion on my friends popstar is that is was so small… it might just be me.

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but does it play well?

the popstar takes time getting used to at first (for me) it was hard to land tricks but after a little practice i could do most tricks with ease. Though the popstar is just a fun throw really isnt the best yoyo if you’re looking for peformance. Most of the other recommendations such as the Lyn fury or the chaser are pretty good. Starlite and Glow nasty is pretty fun especially since it glows in the dark:D

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I have a protostar and it is 35, BUT it is the best yoyo you can get until around 60-70 dollar metals, look up a review. It is easy to bind so if you can just get 5 dollars more, you will LOVE the ProtoStar.

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Preferences are all that matters. You don’t like the stackless PGM, and that’s fine with me. I have the DM2 and the Legacy II. Of course, the DM2 plays better. Not saying I don’t like the Legacy II, but the DM2 travels strapped to my belt loop on a yoyo holder and the Legacy II doesn’t get as much play time.

The Chaser, at 71 grams, is heavy, but it doesn’t play heavy, its wicked fast and light on the string. It rather shocked me in a very pleasant way.

Popstar: it’s so cheap(cost wise) that I’ll probably pick one up because it’s so darn affordable. But, I have other small throws I do like but they are more of the normal undersized range. A friend has one, I mighty try it out. It is on my wants list, but not a high priority want. I have my “shopping list” for BAC. It’s on that list, but only I know what the priorities are.

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I have decided on the protostar. Thanks for all your help!

I have a popstar. It is a great yoyo for working on perfecting your tricks. It is very small and as such much more difficult to land. It is also it is more unstable than your typical undersized yoyo and once it starts to lean spins out quickly. All that being said I really enjoy mine, but definitely not for my regular throw. It is more of a role player so to speak :slight_smile:

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The Lyn Fury’s pretty awesome, especially with the silicone. Also, PGM and FH2 is pretty good.
The Chaser…I plan on snagging one of these next weekend…also may check out the Legacy II. I’m really wanting that Chaser though.

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