A nice plastic?

Hey everyone!
I am looking for a nice plastic yoyo under 30 dollars (if need be, i can go a tiny bit over, but i would rather not). I know it sounds weird, but i actually want a plastic, so please don’t post “just get a magicyoyo.” I really like yoyos that are fast, dead unresponsive, smooth (for a plastic, that is), and i am not to worried about the solidness or float of the yoyo. I enjoy full/ oversized yoyos. I am currently considering these yo-yos:

If you have anything to say about any of these yo-yos, please speak up! Also, I am open to suggestions.
Thank you guys in advance!
EDIT: it is down to onestar, asteroid, or flip side at this point. Any suggestions?

Get a ShaqlerStar

I’ve heard that the sOMETHING V is fast if thats what your looking for

I have a Northstar already. Their is no difference in play, right?

Chasser for sure then!

but flipsides a second.

or wait ofor them onestars to make an appearance!

Those were my top two. Thanks everyone!

Bump because edit

Anything but the asteroid but i would recommend the chaser .


YYF Whip
YYJ Classic
YYF Velocity
YYF Grind Machine
Henrys Tiger Snake

YYF Starlite. Basically a slightly lighter glow in the dark Protostar.


Get a YYJ classic and switch out the bearing and response. On another hand for under 30 the trigger is great too. However I have a shaquler star and if you like a heavy throw this Yoyo is for you.

This is absolutely hilarious. I own or have used every single one of those yoyos aside from the tiger snake. I really am looking at the ones in my list mainly, but thanks everyone for your input.

You should get an Alpha Crash. It plays amazing and has a 56+ diameter. It is just a bang for every one of the 20 bucks you pay for.

I know! I have one! ;D
Yeah… i like plastics LOL.
SO… FLIPSIDE THEN. I’ll probably review it after a week or two of play, so… thanks for all of the input guys!

Enjoy the Flipside! Let us know how it plays.

If you’re a plastic connoisseur (especially the inexpensive ones!) you should also get a Chaser some day. Such a cool throw. And if you haven’t tried a Trigger… man… that’s one really really good-playing plastic. So danged loud, though.