Best Plastics?

So i am looking for nice, cheap plastics for example the one star and speedaholic to help revamp my collection and to use frequently since, they show less damage and are easily replaceable.


Alpha crash and the speedaholic are also great buys.

Honorable mention: Adegle PSG, and their looper the macaron

Yoyojam Classic
Adegle PSG/Asteroid
C3 Speedaholic
magicyoyo k1 (Haven’t heard good things about the K series but thought it deserved consideration since I haven’t heard anything directly about this yoyo)
Yoyofactory Onestar
Yoyojam Surge
Duncan Freehand zero (sili recessed)
Zeekio Zenith(Also known as Yoyo Empire Sun)
Alpha Crash
Duncan Flipside
Magicyoyo D5
Magicyoyo D6
Yoyofactory Protostar
Yoyofactory Northstar
Yoyorecreation Diffusion 2
sOMEThING Addiction
Onedrop Rally
Yoyofactory Severe
Crucial milk/cream/tres leches
Yoyojam Revival
Yoyojoker Exceed/perceptor
Yoyomonster Antogonist
Yoyorecreation Triad
Views Sunshine
Yoyojam Quest
There’s also delrins Turning Point has put out

Think I got everything worth consideration

How could you forget YYJ chaser, the only hybrid yyj that isnt ridiculously overpriced

For the price range you mentioned, I’d have to say the yyj classic unresponsive. Good budget plastic for sure and are cheap enough in price to replace in case something unfortunate would happen. :slight_smile:

Prob diffusion
(Not taking bimaterials into consideration)

Best for price?
Prob classic.