The BEST plastic 1A throw!

I have noticed that majority of my yoyos are higher prices metals like the Super G and the Orbitron 5000. I played a plastic Adegle recently and fell in love with the simplicity of plastic. So here is the burning question: What is the best plastic yoyos out there today? What should I get now? Price isn’t a matter but I assume that it being plastic it will be cheaper than $30.

Now go!

crazy D

the Yeti is plastic but it’s more than $30 and they are in short supply for now. and there’s some interesting stuff in prototype at a certain brand but I’m not saying anything, it’s just fun being in the know :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends what you want, what you like, what you need and what you’re willing to do.

Duncan ProZ, set to modified shape, spacered out properly and an A-sized CBC CenterTrac is darn sweet. Should run you almost $25 depending where you get your stuff. Spacer kit is $5 if you need it, bearing prices can vary and the yoyo itself can range from $8-12.

Classic, with upgrades, keeps it under $20. 1A, 3A , 5A… good stuff.

Whip and ONE I feel are too light, but still good stuff. If you want cheap(yet still quality), the Stackless Grind Machine is really decent.

Adegle PSG and PSG Gem. I prefer the PSG Gem. 1A, 3A, 5A and arounf $13.

Adegle Asteroid. Over-sized 1A beast. Loads of fun.

Can’t forget the Speedaholic. $13.50 can’t be beat. Another 1A/3A/5A all-arounder, but seems to excel at 1A to me.

The $17 or so YYJ Surve is a bit heavy for some, yet still really good.

Lyn Fury, if you like smaller. Needs siliconing and a clean bearing, perhaps shims.

YYJ XLR8 is not bad either. This has been growing on me. YYJ is presenting this as a “metal yoyo with plastic rims” as opposed to their plastic yoyos with metal rims. I call it a plastic yoyo with a metal core. Still good stuff.

YYJ Chaser and Legacy II are real good ones as well. The Chaser is heavy but plays fast and light. Odd, amazing and stable as heck in a shape that I wouldn’t have expected to deliver what it does.

YYYF DieNasty. Yes, I like this one. I feel the glow is just a gimmick, but I also have a regular DieNasty. Yes, 1A, 5A.

The YYR Diffusion has mixed reviews. I do enjoy it, but I enjoy others better. It should be selling for around $30 these days.

Each has a distinct personality and performance characteristics.

I could recommend others, but they aren’t sold here at YYE(some not ever, some not yet)

Also, you have to determine:
Does it have to be 100% plastic except for key component areas(bearing seat, axle, bearing, possible spacer system, SPR-type system)
Do weight rings, even if hidden, disqualify it for you? This would include the Legacy II and Chaser.
Would weight rings, such as the blatant rings in a Trigger, ProtoStar and Northstar be an issue? They are still considered plastics.

I never disregard a yoyo based on material(s). Metal, plastic, metals, plastics, metal(s) and plastic(s), even wood. It’s all good if it’s done right and it agrees with me. I can have just as much enjoyment with an upgraded Classic as I can with something far more expensive.

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Didn’t see any love for the alpha crash in here which is also awesome

Crazy d is awesome but is a machined delrin which I think would disqualify it

If machined delrins are ok I could create a rather large list

I loved my speedaholic waaay more than my northstar! The feel and the look of the yoyo was just ‘WOW’ when I played with the speedaholic! I could not believe I only payed $13 for it!

Rally. Many have said it beats the yeti and I prefer my rally over all my other plastics including the delrin severe and protostar.

If we’re including delrins, the Delrin Severe gets my vote. It beats the Rally and Yeti IMO (yes, I’ve played/owned both and if I had it my way I’d just have all 3)

Duncan Light up Freehand Zero:

This is my go to throw for the past year. It grabs everyone attention.

What is your favorite personally?

Can’t believe nobody said this…
But uh yeah you should raise the price to $40. The rally basically takes the cake.