Best plastics under $15 ? Shinwoo ??


Hey guys, I’d appreciate some recs on fun and inexpensive new plastics. I like the YYF -star series, Diffusion, and FHZ.

I’m definitely picking up a Yoyojam Classic and Yoyofactory OneStar.

What else is good under $15-ish?

Kickside? (that hybrid reponse though… I dunno…)

How about Shinwoo?

(M.DeV1) #2

Adegle PSG. Great budget plastic.


The YYJ Surge is great! Very stable one of my favorites.


Classic and OneStar are certainly my top picks when it comes to sub-$20 plastics (though I’ve yet to try a Surge or Flipside).

The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are decent for their price.

Any specific reason why you’re looking for a bunch of cheapies. Normally it’s better to pool your money and buy a more expensive yoyo, quality over quantity.


Good inquiry. Instead of high performance yoyos, I have been having more fun with yoyos that challenge me to develop stronger technique.


The shinwoo Techno, Adegle Asteroid, Yoyojam Kickside, Yoyofactory whip, Duncan Fh2, Yomega Crossfire C bearing edition

All are awesome

(M.DeV1) #7

The FH2 would be a great yoyo to test your skills on.


I second the whip, and I recently picked up a flipside while traveling; it’s a fun little guy! I’m going to try to throw some synergy caps in it when we go back home!


I definitely agree with that. The Surge taught me how to bind return!

What’s the whip like? It looks interesting.

(Waylon) #10

Shinwoo plastics are very decent players for the money. I dig mine.


How is the Crossfire? And the WHiP is actually really, really good. Way better than the PGM in my opinion. The WHiP and ONE are some of my favorite plastics, more then the Classic, PSG, even the Northstar. The Alpha Crash is good, and the Velocity and Speed Dial are fun yoyos. Too bad they changed the shape of the Velocity in the new version, I liked the old shape.


The Crossfire is very floaty but has a rim weighted shape