Top notch cheapo's

Just received the yyf one. It’s a little light for my taste and I believe that the lack of weight shortens it’s spintime, however its excellent for its price. But the point of this is… Everyone always wants to talk about the best top notch high end throws. But what about the underrated sub $20 throws? List your favorites and why. Please.

Why does it have to be sub 20? I think any plastic below 30 is cheap.

In that category, I’d go for StarLites. They’re simply amazing

We can go sub $30’s to expand the options.

Shinwoo plastics are amazing.
I have Phantom 2 and Techno 2. Both play really good especially for 10$.
Techno is very stable, grindable, awesome for regens and horizontal play.
Phantom is a very stable solid undersized plactic throw.
I am sure I will not be a big fan of ONE because it is too light(if you get used to it it’s kind of weird to play with 63-70 gr throws after). It is sad that YYF choose to produce Aoda/Aero yoyo instead of Replay which was their design.

popstars are amazing

starlites are amazing




EDIT: Counter Attack is right on the line at $30.99.

my favourite plastics would have to be a lyn fury, or a fhz.
Stock, the lyn fury is amazing. The FHZ, not so much. way too responsive.
After modding them both though (just cut the orings down to be smooth on the lyn fury, and cleaned the bearing. On the fhz, removed friction stickers, cleaned bearing, and put silicone recesses.) they’re both pretty good.

I think if yyj changed the response on a kickside from a hybrid response to a duel oring or silicone it would be one of the best plastics ever. but still good the way it is.

I’m really loving my Lyn Fury. Stock, it felt a little weak rim-weight wise. Easy solution was to pop off the caps and put in some wire weight rings (single ring each side) and this thing plays right up there with my Raptor and RecRev.

I never tried a kickside, was tempted to pick one up as well last weekend at the BAC. However, I’m sure the starburst response would have slowed it down and the Lyn looked like the gap was a bit wider especially after doing a silicone on it. I’m kind of wishing that I also bought the B-grade RecRev Carbon when I got my No. 9 to try that one out too.

And let’s not forget the Duncan Freehand 2s. Amazingly smooth and quite stable, I just wish that these took to silicone (without the need for recessing it more) rather than having to buy pads for it. These are probably the best plastics you can buy in a physical store if you felt like doing so.

starlite is definitely my fav under 30$. I bought 2 yyf ones and agree the light weight doesnt pack enough spin time. yyf 1 is a lot of fun for the price, and a great togo yoyo

The only yoyo that I have that meets the requirements is my ONE which I love!

Velocity by YYF. One of the best 20$ I ever spent.

Aoda speed team
Aoda pirate (I think it’s around $12)
practically anything metal and chinese

metal, they play just like premiums but cost virtually nothing

Popstars are so much fun

projam trumps all.

It’s hard to pass up a good used Lyn Fury.