What is your favorite plastic for the price range 40-60 dollars

Hey just wondering what your favorite plastic yoyo for the price range 40 - 60 dollars is. And plz say why the yoyo is your favorite.

That is too much for a plastic.

Well, when the ProtoStar was $45, that was my favorite. Now, since it’s $35, my statement is obsolete.

Yonut is right, unless you’re talking a really high quality plastic/derlin throw, that’s too much for a plastic. This is the range where alot of good cheap metal throws are.

I think you need to include the YYJ metal rimmed in this category.

In which case the YYJ Hitman is my all time favorite. Of the current models, the DM II gets my vote.

Speeder 2. Lightning quick but can play any speed you want. Comfortable in the hand and solid weight. The shape is more open than the DM2 and it throws more powerfully than a Protostar.

Perfect starter because it comes with thin bearing also.

I mean yoyos that are made out of derlin like The V.

Sorry about that I was on my brothers account.

The C3 Halo gets my vote at the moment. Great clean look, stable, plenty of oomph, grinds great and it just looks fantastic under a blue light.



What he said…Halo.

I don’t have a plastic in that range. Delrin? Yes. Metal weight rims or rings? Yes. All plastic? Closest I get is the YYF Diffusion, but that’s 1 cent below your range.

Ta1 by far

yyf severe