Looking for a High End Plastic

Well right now I’m look for a High End Plastic under $40 currently I’m looking at a Protostar,Nothstar, and Onestar. I don’t really care that much about what it needs to do I just need something I can take every where and that I can do all my tricks on without beating my metals

Id go for the new Shaqlerstar (new northstar, same yoyo prett much) or the Viktor Gravetski Protostar. Just my theory, but the newer versions are probably less likely to break. They really do play like metals!

thanks for the help! I just hate having to risk carrying my 28s Cliff or PM Majesty with me everywhere :slight_smile:

The YYJ Trigger is interesting. It has kind of sharp edges… seems initially kind of… hollow or something… and it’s loud.

So, first impression might possibly be: “Really? This is the plastic GregP recommended to me?”

But a few combos later and you realize this thing is for realz. It’s capable of doing so much, and grinds a bit better than most plastics. Once you’ve given it a real try, you’ll see that it’s one of the best plastics money can buy.

Idk wether to go with the Viktor Gravitski Protostar or the Protostar

That a decision you make on your own, Both have the same specs and bearings that come with it. Choose a color that you like and you wont be disappointed.

I ment to say trigger I posted that late last night and didn’t realize what I had said

The Protostar is a lot louder than any of my metals. There’s no way I could throw a Protostar at work without having an angry mob outside my cube. I would only take it outside if I were going to throw in wide open spaces. I’m not sure if the other plastics mentioned are just as loud.

I like the high end plastics available today, though I’ve found all of the ones that incorporate weight rings to have the propensity to break. Another option is to try to snag a metal on the cheap on the BST - I often see stuff for less than $40.

Alpha crash is my opinion

It’s by far the best playing plastic I’ve thrown and I currently own a northstar, V, protostar, PSG, asteroid, delta, and ta1s out of my upper end plastics

It’s fast and smooth and just plays amazingly for it’s price

Dude… go buy a YYF Severe, like right now… and thank me later.

The Trigger is definitely loud. By far my loudest yoyo. I don’t play it when the house is quiet (wife and kids in bed) because it disturbs ME. I play it when there’s other ambient noise already. Or outside; it doesn’t seem to bother me as much playing it outside.

Haha, you know it’s too loud when it stings your own ears!

I would prefer not to get a Delrin because from my experience one hit on concrete and it gets all sorts of cuts into the material and I think I’m gonna get a Protostar off the BST thanks guys

Trust me, a Protostar will have similar damage when hit on concrete as any other Delrin or plastic yoyo.

Among the ones you listed, I like the onestar the most. The plastic feels better and it grinds far easier than it’s counterparts. It’s also a lot quieter. The only bad side of this yoyo is that it’s too light for my tastes.

Trigger cracks easily.
The special edition Northstar and Protostars and not less likely to break.

If you can spare or earn 6 (or so) more dollars you can get a Severe! It’s Delrin and I have heard great things about it.

Let me remind you that Delrin is not likely to break like a plastic Northstar or protostar.

Hmm or Alpha Crash Trigger or Protostar

Protostar :slight_smile:

Alpha Crash by far. Fast, comfortable, smooth (actually has okay grinds!) and cool looking too. It’s also not a loud yoyo. One recommendation I have, though, would be to pop in a KK/CenterTrac/any better bearing. The stock one is just okay (or at least the one that I got)