Looking to buy another cheap plastic throw.

I have been throwing for a while on a YYF Whip, and while it has been a great little throw, I am wanting something that is a regular weight. I am currently doing advanced/expert string tricks.

I love cheap plastic yoyos and I was thinking that the Stackless Plastic Grind Machine looked pretty nice because it looks just like a grown-up Whip. I have also heard/read lots of good stuff about the Lyn Fury (modded with flowable). The Fury looks nice b/c it is slightly undersized and heavier.

So, sPGM or Lyn Fury?

Neither I’ve played with both and neither live up to the psg. Get a psg!

The Lyn Fury is nice, but you’ll find it’s a bit too responsive, so you’ll want to rip out the o-rings and then silicone it. If that doesn’t float your boat, you’ll want to then buy some shims and widen that gap a bit. I have a Lyn Fury I’m keeping stock and buying another to do these mods to. At $15.30, it’s still an amazing yoyo.

Honestly, I like the YYJ Legacy II and would recommend it. I’m going to get a stackless Grind Machine too. But, I think you’d be doing yourself a major favor by going with either the Adegle PSG o Asteroid. These should NOT be overlooked by anyone.

Yeah, Ive been looking at that one too. Does the PSG blow a modded Lyn outta the water?
Regardless, Ill add it to my order, but am still interested in sPGM vs modded Lyn.

I think the PSG would blow the modded Lyn out of the water, but it’s more more a size I like which is why.

The stackless PGM and Lyn are different beasts. Different sizes and weights and shapes. Then again, so is the PSG. It’s the typical not a fair comparison stuff that comes down to preferences.

The Adegle PSG and Asteroid are really stepping up the bar as far as the “cheap plastic yoyo” market is concerned.

You’ve got three really good choices. All SUPER affordable. Lucky for me, I’m only missing the stackless grind machine right now, and I hope to resolve that at BAC, along with getting a red/black Lyn Fury.