Fun Throw

I’m looking to buy a cheap fun plastic throw… suggestions?


Cool!!! I was going to say I wanted a good yoyo for 5a… but i heard that the prelude wasn’t so great.

sorry, i was thinking of the pinnacle. But i was thinking more along the lines of a psg

The ONE and WHIP are great. I’m also looking to get several inexpensive YYJ’s soon as well as the PSG.

Whip, One, PSG, Legacy II, Lyn Fury, Protostar/Northstar
(protostar/northstar: great yoyo for the price)

shinwoo griffin wing, the rims are rubber or something so its harder to break (not 100% sure though), and its pretty cheap like $15, its a good one to check out!

Protostar and PSG for sure. Both play amazingly and are relativly cheap. Go for them.

I don’t think the rims are rubber.

The psg is a good one I tried my friends and it was great.

During the time I started throwing, I’ve asked the same question and one yo-yo was unanimously recommended to me by the community at that time. That yo-yo was the classic, JD-signatured, YoYoJam Lyn Fury. Despite having newer plastic yo-yos such as Legacy and the Plastic Grind Machine, the Lyn Fury is still my favourite plastic throw. Shave down the o-rings or replace them with silicone and you’ll have a beast of a yo-yo for only 15 dollars. They are also near unbreakable and durable as heck. I’ve owned and used the same Lyn Fury for 6 years now and even used it to do 4A when I didn’t have a proper 4A yo-yo and it still spins true to they first day I got it. I cannot recommend this yo-yo enough and not seeing anyone else recommend this yo-yo is a great shame.

Did I also mention that Takeshi Matsuraa used a Lyn Fury to win 5A in Worlds 2008? Yep…

The Lyn Fury is fun and heavier than the Whip (the Whip is still fun too). I have been throwing my new Lyn for a few days now. I have silicone in it and today I just got in some .030 shims which really opened up the gap on it. This thing really shines for a plastic now.

So if you don’t mind minimal modification… go with the Lyn Fury. If you just want to throw it out of the box… the One or Whip.