For a friend

So my best friend wants to start throwing she doesn’t want to spend more than $12 and want either a classic , whip or shinwoo techno but I’ve never tried any of those so I was wondering what you guys think would be best for her ?


No more than $12? Get her a PSG Gem.

Seriously, for only $2 more, you can get one of the BEST plastic yoyos on the market today, the YYF One Star. Incredible throw:

The Techno is outdated. Get a Classic or whip. Both are good and play fine

I’m a fan of the Techno, but they require some set up to play nice. The Classic also requires modification for nonresponsive play. I’m not a big YYF guy, but I’d be leaning that way for good beginner throws that are inexpensive. The onestar does look pretty good.