Grind machine!

I thinking of getting a grind machine. I think it’s good. Do anybody have the pgm or any other plastic yoyo for recommendation? Plz help!

I have one it is one of my smoothest plastics and a good introduction to hub stacks. You can get them for pretty cheap too.

I can get one for around 31 bucks. Cuz I don’t live in USA…

It doesn’t matter what WE think or even what I think. The only thing that matters is what YOU think. You think it’s good. That’s good enough.

I have the PGM. I rarely play it, mostly since I’m into other shapes and materials. It’s a lot of fun. I pull start it and then get into trucks. I’m starting to get into grinds, so this is just another feature I can enjoy with this yoyo. I’m also kinda on a “stack” craze, and the stacked PGM is a great budget way to get into stacks, but I do find that those kind of stacks, regardless of model, tend to be hard to catch without loads of practice. I don’t see this as a negative, just a statement that pertains to my experience. I have the blue with the yellow weight rings. I like the contrast. I think the weight is good and the shape is fairly comfortable for me.

For getting into stacks, this is ideal. There are other less expensive models if you know where to look. The Magic YoYO N9 is really sweet and is moving through some places at under $25 SHIPPED. The Magic YoYo T9 and T10 are going for often under $16 each SHIPPED. All three are metal with concave shaped bearings and the larger Z-type stacks. They aren’t junkers either, they are pretty decent. I’m actually ordering a second T9 soon so I can go with my other T9 and then that pair will be my ASquared set.

If you’re not into stacks, YYF also has the stackless Grind Machine. Mine will arrive today, although so will my Arctic Circle, so you can guess I’m probably not going to be playing the new Grind Machine much today! The stackless Grind Machine is cheap in cost, big on fun. It’s like that gave you everything you like about the PGM, but removed the stacks and hence dropped the price.

As far as other plastics I recommend, it depends on performance and features. I could go on and on. The Adegle YoYo PSG and Asteroid are amazing, so ignore the price completely, they out-perform stuff costing 2-3 times as much. The YYJ Lyn Fury is great, but I find after you pull the rings and silicone it, it becomes really sweet. The YYJ Legacy II is really nice too and has 2 bearings. The YYF Dienasty is a proven shape, great performer, and since they only seem to sell the glowing one, it can glow in the dark, giving you bad lighting fun! The YYJ Chaser is heavy, plays fast and light, but it’s smooth and isn’t a good grinder. Similar, the YYF Protostar and Northstar have great performance and amazing price for their performance, featuring the same shape but different weights for different performance, but with smooth surfaces, they aren’t good for grinding.

I could make other recommendations, but I find these are typically my best choices from my collection. The FHZ is nice, but I find without mods, I don’t like how it plays. The Duncan Freehand2/Freakhand is another low-cost plastic option, which seems to excel at 5A style.

In general, the PGM is a safe bet. For those not into the yoyo, they won’t know about the stacks. Pull starts will blow their minds. Catching the stacks will amaze them. It’s super affordable and will take a beating. Heck, use it for 5A style if you want.

Thanks soooo much. This was awsome! It really helped me :slight_smile: