PGM Plastic Grind Machine.

Hey guys (and the few girls on here) I am getting a grind Machine for my B-day and I wanted to know how well it dose. What I would like to know is like spin time, feel, grinds, durability, an of course what your opinion on the look is. Do you think is looks sweet or do you think it looks like crap. All in all you can give it a scale from 1 to 10. later.

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Oh, happy early birthday! Are you talking about the plastic grind machine? Well in that case…

IT ROCKS!!! Its smoother than the DM and sleeps longer than the dm, thats for sure. It feels awesome, its slight H shape feels comfortable in your hand. It rocks for grinds, but you have to sand down the mold marks first. I think it looks cool.

From 1-10? 8!

For the price,IT ROCKS!!!
If you are getting a stacked one,than its one of the cheapest yoyos with stacks,you will ove it!!!

Yeah! it would be a great birthday present!



Haha,it took me so long to find the difference.

  1. :smiley:

better than my xvict by a tad. :o

sleeps. 8 :smiley:

stable. 9 ;D

unresponciveness. 10 :o

grinds. 7 :slight_smile:

shape. 6 (personal preferance) :slight_smile:

overall im happy with my pgm and it is definantaly worth the money. one of my fave yos! ::slight_smile:

Thanks guys y’all have been a great reassurance. I haven’t got it yet but I will soon and yes I’m getting the stacked version. Later.

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I actually am getting a PGM within a week or so as well (Broke a lamp with my Darkmagic and I will have to pay for that, words cannot describe my anger right now). My cousin has one and I personally prefer the PGM to the DM.

It has a MUCH smoother feel when you throw it and the sleep as well is much smoother.

DEAD responsive. Which i love compared to my DM (Logically when i took off the starburst on it you would assume it becomes less responsive…SUrprise the thing is this close to a looping yoyo)

I dont really care for grinding with this yoyo because of the plastic, but it still is nice.
The wieght ajustability is nice as well, the rubber rings provide an even weight distribution along the outside rim of the yoyo

Conclusion: Great yoyo well worth the money, and seriusly, $30 for a dead responsive, smooth as butter, Stacked yoyo…One word…Awesome-tastic.

Any one else have a PGM? later.

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Samad loves his.

I have unstacked, I love it.