Grind Machine?

Is it good? Easy to use? Need an answer…

Be more specific. GM2 or PGM2?

I think hes talking about the PGM because its kinda hard to find a GM2 anymore. The PGM imo is a very good yoyo for the price. It spins extremely well for a plastic, has a finish so the plastic grinds better than most polycarbonate yoyos, and it has hubstacks, which are kinda fun to dink around with! But dont get it unless you know how to bind, it comes out of the box unresponsive and gets very very unresponsive after its broken in.

Well thats my take! I say go for it if you know how to bind!

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Ok, thanks. ;D

Actually, I’m a she.

I have one just look at my name they are very good no vibe long sleep times and hubstacks are fun :wink:

The PGM is JUST like the Die-Nasty minus the stacks and centertrac… If stacks aren’t a must go Die-Nasty, cheaper, and I personaly prefered my Die-Nasty over the PGM

Yes The PGM is one of my favorites. Spins for a really long time for a plastic and has the s best grinds ive ever done with any yoyo. Also once the k-pads are warn out (took bout 6 months for mine) you can just put some silicone in the grove and it works great. Definitely a A+ for this yoyo. later.

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oops sorry lol