pgm review

I got a pgm (plastic grind machine) a while ago. And it is a great yoyo. that is my review ;D lol…just kidding.

Ok to start out, i will talk about the play. This yoyo is very smooth in the right hands and it is not a beginners yoyo. you have to bind to return it. It spins for a good amount of time. The hubstacks can be a bit noisy though.

next is the look and feel. I am not a very big fan of the feel of this yoyo. it is very rough around the edges and has some manufacturing “plastic dings” (i just made that word up). The stickers are not very centered and it makes it look a little sloppy. And mine had a slight wobble to begin with. but it still played pretty well.

now for price. This is a decent price for a yoyo of this kind. But the newer stacked version (grind machine 2.0) Is more affordable, and has hubstacks like mine (first version)

Overall, this is a pretty decent yoyo. If you are looking for a good, affordable plastic yoyo, get this…or the legacy.

please comment (forgot to add that ;D)

Good review! Btw, you can edit your posts. I love pgm’s, but i dont like how all of them have “Plastic dings”. They hurt when grinding haha ;D

thats what i was talking about! when i got it, it had dents in it. not many, but some

Mine had like 6 lol, they hurt for grinding! Spent like 5 mins sanding them haha ;D

Weird,mine didnt come with any.

I havent sanded mine, but that would be good to try! and btw, that was my first review! and they DO hurt for grinding!!!

Did you get the version 2.0?

Nope. I got the first one. Is the second one any better?

I dont think so,was yours stacked,mine wasnt.

yep! mine is stacked ;D

One can misinterpret your review:

And then you say this:

So how can it be very smooth, and have a wobble to begin with? Not a very well worded review in my opinion…

oh sorry. i meant that it has a wobble, but glides on the string pretty well. in other words, the wobble doesnt affect it very much. sorry for the confusion ;D

its for it to grind better at least thats what i heard

the rough surface i think is supposed to be good for grinding, but i was talking about bigger dents in the surface

For my dings( Ok, “Bumps”), I broke my string on concrete so it would go away and make more!

… I meant to do it… ??? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Yup, the beadblast-like surface is for better grinding, but the injection marks are not good for grinding. Its like small spikes sticking out of the yoyo, that hurt when they grind across your arm. Talking about the injection marks, not the rough surface.

yeah. i plan to get gloves so it wont hurt when i finger/ palm grind.

Just sand off the dings.