i need a pgm''stacked'' review

please i need a review for the pgm

Here is the v1 vs the v2
I am not sure if this is what you wanted  :-[
Thx Dr. YoYo!


i think its a great yoyo. amazing for its price. its unresponsive, light (cuz its plastic), it looks hot in ur case to. The hubstacks are not smooth out of the box (or it was for me), what i did was u can get a knife and scrape a little of the plastic that is left after they mold the yoyo. Its the little plastic left under the hubstacks. (it will show u how to do that in a grind machine video review on youtube, its like the unpacking and review of grind machine.)

Over all i would get it, its great cuz its plastic and u can take it everywhere and not worry about it getting messed up. i can still do all of my tricks on it. (not as easy as i would my superstar or 888.) it still is a must have for me!

If you want the green/black one, you should order now. YYE is running out of it. I ordered mine from YYN, and one of the hubstack’s o-ring was cut in half, and the axle and bearing were really loose. I got a replacement o-ring though, and I fixed the axle and ball bearing on my own. It’s a good yoyo, and hubstacks are fun to mess with. ;D

The axle isn’t loose, its a floating axle. This means that it was made to be removed. You are supposed to be able to replace the PGM’s axle easily due to this. The bearing isn’t supposed to be fixed on there, its meant to be easy to be removed.

(Floating axle info was told to me by a Spinworkx guy. If I am wrong, blame someone who is not me :P)