Yoyofactory Plastic Grind Machine 2.0 Review

Alright , So i just bought a mint condition Plastic Grind Machine 2.0 from my friend for a very reasonable price and decided to make it my main throw for now . I’ll have to say . When it comes to quality , yoyofactory makes it just the way we like it.

Alright , Stats ;B Durrrr
Weight 63.6g
Width 40.7mm
Diameter 55.8mm
Gap Width 3.92mm
Stock Response System : Turning Point K-Pads
Bearing Size : Large (Size C) Spec Bearing
There are many colours . Black/Green . Green/Black . Red/White . White/Black and Blue/Yellow.
I Got the Blue/Yellow version.
The Bearing comes with a spec bearing but my friend gave me a Center Trac .

The Hubstacks combined with the plastic make it a VERY Fun yoyo to play with . It wobbles just a BIT but its hardly noticeable . I’ve got it to spin for 1 minute and 37.3 Seconds on a good throw and 3 minutes when i pull-started it.

Tricks are not a problem . I Can land it on the string pretty easily . Whips are easy and Binds are nice and tight. The Plastic Grind Machine is one of the fun-est ( not sure if thats even a word ) plastic yoyos i’ve ever played with. I Wouldn’t say its undersized . Nor oversized , the size is perfect for me and The shape makes grinding easier in my opinion . Also , This yoyo is a great budget yoyo . Not only is it Fun . Its got a ’ Fun Price ’ too.

This yoyo doesnt spin long enough . It can do tricks but it cant really do Long combos.
The yoyo spins slower when hubstacks are on but when it is removed , it spins alot better and I do not feel any vibe.

Im sorry but i dont have many yoyos . compared to my (burned) Starlite , its about the same size .

Overall , This is a great yoyo for a great price . i Recommend this to any beginner :slight_smile:

I Hope you liked my review.


nice review

Yep, good review. Only input I want to include, is that PGM has no vibe when removing the stacks, and with a clean, broken in bearing (as well as a strong throw), one should be able to get at least 3 minute spin time, and maybe 1-1.5 min spin time while doing combos, because I can (no hubstacks), lol. Would include a review myself but been busy with work and life in general.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I totally agree with that. and thanks :smiley:

What do you mean burned?

It is unresponsive, so I wouldn’t say so…

Dont Ask

I Started out with it , they can too :wink:

Remember that this yoyo is extremely bad for horizontal play.

I have a friend who is starting out and he finds it easier to use my sfx with speed bearing in it then my fast 201. Once he learnt to bind he was fine.