Grind Machine stacked II review!

Hello everybody, today is my birthday and i got my new grind machine. WOOT WOOT!

First Impressions
So i got this yoyo from yoyonation for my birthday. I opened a postal box to find a green box with a little black and green yoyo’s face staring out at me. The packaging was very creative I must say. It has a sort of green thing going. It has stars and a nice little grind machine logo on it. So I took the yoyo out of the box and could not even wait to get playing with it. I took the yoyo out and it was a stunning neon green color. I put the string on and omg…

This thing played like a dream! It played sort of floaty because of its full size but it was still a great yoyo. Right out of the box my grind machine was Dead unresponsive. when i binded it back up, binds were perfect. But after playing with it for a few hours, the binds could get a little bit slippy, but i guess i could live with it. On the second throw this thing felt like it can sleep for hours. (actually sleep time about 2-3 minutes.) But their was only one con to this throw, its so loud. Don’t get me wrong it plays really smooth, but it has the triple bearings. The hubstacks make so much noise when you throw it. This thing also grinds great. Hubstack grinds, palm grinds, arm grinds, finger grinds, you name it. But no thumb grinds because of the hubstacks :-[. But whatever the other good grinds make up for it. The plastic around the flat rims on it is sort of textured. its not really smooth like regular plastic. I think if the entire yoyo was just smooth you would not be able to grind with it. So this thing really earned its title as the Grind machine.

Diameter: 2.22 in/55.80
Width : 1.61 in/40.72
Weight : 64 grams
response : medium k-pad
bearing : Size C

In Conclusion
So the Pgm is a pretty good yoyo. It has Hubstacks, is full sized and plays good and slightly floaty. Its a great yoyo to learn on and has lots of nice little features.I would recommend this yoyo to people in the advanced to expert section of tricks.

My rating is an 8/10

So thats about it. Tell me how i did ;D

Pretty good review I love my pgm

Nice review. Happy birthday btw !