The YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine

Who needs a metal?

The YoYoFactory “Plastic Grind Machine” is the first metal aged plastic yoyos, and has risen to win the hearts of dozens of yoyo players out there. It has also risen to become among my favorites in comparison to my metals. However, I still believe it is just as good. Without further ado, my YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine review. (Please note: I have the Stacked Version)

Product Description: (Provided by

[i]In the words of YoYoFactory: Death to Metal

The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory’s ever famous hub stacks. With hub stacks you can literally grab the yo-yo from the sides and hold it! Or better yet instead of throwing just pull start the Grind Machine.

And of course with a name like Grind Machine - you have to expect this yo-yo to grind. The Grind Machine actually features a special textured rim to allow for less friction while on the surface of the skin or clothing.

Customizable rubber weight rings allow a range of weight settings between 63 and 68gm.

Intermediate players will love this yo-yo for its unresponsive play, hub stacks, and stable spin. Experts will love this yo-yo for its shape and smoothness.
As one of the most affordable YoYoFactory yo-yos on the market its one that belongs in every collection.

You will forget you aren’t throwing an all metal yo-yo![/i]

Product Specifications: (Provided by
Diameter 2.22 inches
Width 1.61 inches
Response K-Pad
Weight 63 - 68 grams

I had acquired this wonderful yoyo as a gift from Robert Miller, or as you may know him “DocRobot.” It was mint, and had only been thrown twice then shelved, so I will consider this “fresh out of the package”

First Impressions: The Plastic Grind Machine comes with extra rubber O-Rings, not for the response, but for the hub-area to provide additional weight. Like the specifications state, without the rings it is 63g, and with all of them installed, it is 68g. This means that each O-Ring is exactly 1.25g. I personally prefer it with one O-Ring on each side for a total of 65.50g. So now it was time for the first throw.

I strung my Plastic Grind Machine (Or “PGM” for short) with some Perfect Fit String, and as the yoyo rolled off the tip of my fingers to the ground, I knew I had been blessed with an amazing product. All YoYoFactory yoyos are hand-tested (Or so I believe) so they are all without a doubt - Dead smooth. Ben and Hans quality level is extremely high, so it is obvious that you are throwing a dead-smooth yoyo. If it doesnt fit there expectancy, the yoyos are sold personally as “B-Grades” and are never sold online through a respected yoyo shop. The PGM has no vibe or wobble, and will glide on the string with no problem. It comes stock with a YoYoFactory “SPEC” bearing, which provides long spin time with complete or “dead” unresponsiveness. And the additional “H-Shape” gives great weight distribution.

Response: Newer YoYoFactory Models include “K-Pads” which provide no response, and amazingly tight binds! And boy, binds are great! It comes back with a “Snap!” every time, and doesnt leave any extra loops in the gap. Truly a wonderful response!

String Play: Obviously this yoyo is made for string tricks. As mentioned before, it is dead smooth, and the SPEC bearing gives long spin time. However, the gap is pretty small. Not ridiculously small, but it could be incremented. Because of the lack of gap width, not too many string layers could fit in. Enough for almost all of the string tricks out there, but not enough for completely “gap-eating” string tricks. But what I like about it is that it is different from most metals by not having a larger gap then the yoyo itself can handle. So the yoyo is proportional. However, there is a good side to the small gap. Combined with the K-Pads it makes for wonderful suicide loops. Also, slack is very easy to catch as well as whips.

Sleep: While most sleep times depend on the player themselves, the PGM sleeps very well nonetheless. It spins long enough for me to complete even the longest series of my string tricks. Also, I timed nearly 3 minutes for a hubstack spin time.

Grinds: Despite that it is plastic, it still pulls off stunning grinds. It has less friction on your arm due to the finishing process. Thumb Grinds are not so recommended due to the stacks and the O-Rings though.

Other: When you open the yoyo, the bearing is connected to a set up wide spacers, which are difficult to get off. A neat thing is, the axle is literally connected to one set up hubstacks. So if you were to pop the axle off, the stacks on one side would go with it.

So thats all the thoughts I had about the Plastic Grind Machine. I hope you enjoy. Here are some pictures:

Left to Right: YoYoJam Dark Magic, YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine, and YoYoFactory 888

Left to Right: YoYoJam Dark Magic, YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine, and YoYoFactory 888


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AWESOME review!!! I want one sooo badly!!

EDIT How is your 888 is dinged and danged that it doesnt vibe? Or does it vibe???

haha kewl im thinking of getting that yo-yo too! Great review man!!! Man you weren’t kidding about your 888 were u? lol

Hello new addition to my wish list! lol. (I have to many)

How long it can spin normally because Ive got unstacked version and it cant spin for more than 60 seconds :frowning: Is that normal ???

Depends on your throw. What sleep times do you get with other yoyos?

Its my only good yo ive got only this and fast 201 (16sec sleep)

I’ve never thrown a 201, but if you only get 16 with that, then 1 minute with a PGM is probably about normal. I’m not trying to be mean (because I have a bad throw also), but you should probably just work on your throw for a while.

I think i dont have very bad throw(my fast is little bit prelubed) but Im afraid theres something wrong with my bearing so i want to know if 1min is normal.

Hey, my super beat up 888 is in there :smiley:

Good Review Samad!

Reminds of my beat-up M1.

NEWS: it has more scratches than before. All in favor of pics: PM me!

To add, Connor, are your (samad’s old) G5 already beaten up, or do you take care of that one?

Gettin off-topic, sorry.

Nice Review, maybe someday I can buy a Grind Machine. THAT’S MY DM NOW SAMAD LOL

i have a stackless gm and just 2 tell u 1 min. is normal. my gm is great and nice review samad!

You can blame me for all that damage! I know its beat to heck, but for some odd reason it still plays like new :smiley: SO DONT JYNX IT!!

I have the stacked version too and heard it was as good as metals…is that true. Cuz I know you (samad) have other metals like an 888, but the only metal i have played is a duncan matel zero, which i doubt is as good as most metals! so, is the stacked pgm as good as metals?

I think it beats some metals (metal zero,metal zero 2,etc…)

well metal zero’s can’t be considered metals. They stink to the point of no return.

lol agree, and its prefference.

Yeah, in my opinion its as good as metals. Some days I’d throw my PGM over my 888 or M1 in a heartbeat.