Grind Machine!!!!!


Can I have a review on a GM I am thinking about getting one… :wink:

(Marvin.D) #2

i already post a some thing like this


I made one a while ago, no that good but whatever:

Samad made and awsome review:

dryoyo made a head to head of the old PGM and the new one:,54133.0.html

Here’s some more I found at The Nation:,47973.0.html,51753.0.html,37695.0.html,43900.0.html,38170.0.html,33660.0.html

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Next time, try to use the search button. :wink:


Its really up to you, If you want to. :-\ Its always interesting to see what someone thinks about a yoyo.

(Marvin.D) #6

if you whought one in green you better hurry up cause i just bought one and now there only 1 left

(SR) #7

I made this review awhile ago, on the PGM v1. I edited it a little for the PGM v2.

This is one good yo-yo. The Grind Machine by YoYoFactory is an all plastic yo-yo that features YoYoFactory’s hubstack technology. The spin times for this yo-yo are excellent. The best part are the hubstacks. You can actually grab the yo-yo while it is sleeping. Great for unresponsive string tricks and play. The price is extremely cheap for what you get, only $30. This is really all you need for the rest of your yo-yoing journey. I would rate this 8/10.


i would say just wait till the die nasty comes out (unless you want hubstacks)
because it is a heavier one and is sposed to be halve price

(JonasK) #9

You get the Counter Attack as well, which is even heavier.



(SR) #11

Yeah, try something new!

(JonasK) #12

The Die Nasty and the Counter Attack are both built off the PGM. So now you got stacks, caps and weight rings. I guess that the PGM might end up being the more expensive out of the three.


dienasty= around 15
counterattack=ben told me he would be surprised to see it over 35

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I wrote a review on it.,5019.0.html