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I have had the plastic grind machine for 3 months now and decided I would post a review on it.
yyn’s review for stacked gm unstacked review it doesnt have the notes that it is stacked notes

YoYoFactory brings it with a BANG!

They describe the Grind Machine as the “1st metal age plastic yo-yo,” and they certainly know metal yo-yos! Delivering unresponsive “slack” play straight out of the box, the Grind Machine is designed with the modern player in mind.

It requires a “bind” to return making it perfect for learning and performing all of the “new school” unresponsive tricks.

The Grind Machine comes with the choice of YoYoFactory’s Patent Pending HUBSTACK technology which allows the spinning yo-yo to be held and released from 2 additional bearings on the side of the yo-yo. All Grind Machines come with the exclusive YoYoFactory SPEC bearing for super long spins especially when the 4 included weights are added.
Does it deliver on its promise? Is this the end of metal yo-yos? Get yours today and find out for yourself! yye review
Note - This version of the Plastic Grind Machine comes WITH hubstacks

yye review:
In the words of YoYoFactory: Death to Metal

The all new Grind Machine yo-yo features a full polycarbonate body and is the first yo-yo to feature a fully functioning version of YoYoFactory’s ever famous hub stacks. With hub stacks you can literally grab the yo-yo from the sides and hold it! Or better yet instead of throwing just pull start the Grind Machine.

And of course with a name like Grind Machine - you have to expect this yo-yo to grind. The Grind Machine actually features a special textured rim to allow for less friction while on the surface of the skin or clothing.

Customizable rubber weight rings allow a range of weight settings between 63 and 68gm.

Intermediate players will love this yo-yo for its unresponsive play, hub stacks, and stable spin. Experts will love this yo-yo for its shape and smoothness.
As one of the most affordable YoYoFactory yo-yos on the market its one that belongs in every collection.

You will forget you aren’t throwing an all metal yo-yo!

my review:
The grind macine is a very good yoyo because it features unresponsiveness for a reasonable price.
It has great spin times and smooth play.It includes wheight rings wich make it 5 grans heavier(68 grams) than with no wheigt rings(63 grams).since it features unresponsiveness it is great for plastic whips and other unresponsive tricks and it binds really well.It of course is made for grinds because it is a grind machine but honestly it is not the best yoyo for thumb grinds and the wheigt rings get in the way when they are there.I would say overall this is for sure worth the $20 (unstacked version) and even the $45 for the stacked version and one of the most affordable “unresponsive out of the box yoyos”.
some info:

diameter:2.22 in./56.07mm
width:1.61 in/41.83mm
wheight:63-68 grams

1a:9.9 its the best yoyo that I have for 1a but metal yoyos are sligtly better than plastic yoyos
2a:0.0I dont think so, its unresponsive
3a:8 I dont have two but I think a 3a yoyo is just two 1a yoyos
4a:5 I have tried it but I didnt want to scratch it too much
5a:9.9 I love it for 5a just put on a counterwhight

Very nice review. Keep it up! :wink:


Yea, i had this yoyo and i agree 100% ;D